I Wanna Be the Very Best (Friend): Pokemon Go Thread!


For those uninitiated, or those who dropped the game long ago and have an interest in picking it back up, earlier today the friendship update was rolled out. Players can now trade codes that allow you to access new features, such as the long awaited Pokemon trading (unfortunately only if you are near each other), damage boosts during raids/gym battles as you rank your friendship up, and gifts that can be obtained through stops and sent to your new buddies (regardless of distance). More info on how this works can be found here.

The gift feature kinda acts like little care packages full of useful things like balls, revives, potions, evolution items, Alola eggs, and berries. This has the potential to be extremely useful for players in rural areas, or people who can’t walk much due to disability (like me).

I thought it would be nice to have a thread for those of us who are still playing to share our codes, and discuss our continuing adventures in real-world catching em’ all. Mine is 4715 0702 1195. Feel free to add me if you like.


My code is 0938 9848 1940


1754 0210 4894

Fifteen characters!


Hi my friends code:

4361 7145 2298


Hello all, my lvl is 29 play every day and will send as many gifts as I can my code is 7343 7723 6309


6005 0372 4762
My code


7584 0167 7885

Add me will gift as often as I can :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


My code
7933 7231 9963


My code 8469 6062 6379
Add me… I have lots of gifts and no friends to give it


Damn, I’ve got more friends then I’ve got gifts. Why can’t I hold all these berries? I’m drowning in full revives, max potions, and ultra balls.


My code is 1692 7023 0166
Add me and i’ll send you something


Same here. I was not expecting so many friend invites, lol. I’m usually in a constant state of running out of everything since I can’t get out much, but now I’ve had to dump anything not particularly useful to create more bag space.

How many gifts can you actually hold? I spun all the stops I could on my way home from the grocery store yesterday, but only got 4 of them. Gonna try to go for a walk on Monday to hit up some more stops.

In other news, where the hell did all of the ghosts go? Been stuck on the “catch 10 ghosts” part of the Mew quest for what feels like forever. I was expecting “evolve a Magikarp” to be the hardest, but thanks to the water festival I am sitting on over 600 candies. Unfortunately I can’t even get to that stage because the usually plentiful ghosts decided to stop spawning as soon as I got to this task. Haunt me please!


8713 0533 1557

This is my code add me


Here’s mine.
Edit: sorry, I wasn’t expecting so many invites. Maybe I’ll put my code up again later.
Edit: ok I’ve upgraded my storage and kicked some guys out here’s my code again, 7824 7869 1360


Just sent an invite to humantrubbish and open to invites from other players (I’ll send a few myself in a sec).

My name is EddieTrainer83 and my code is 8962 3612 4856 and I’m from the UK.

My friend is 3343 9458 7637.

Daily player.


My code is 5748 0416 8617. I am not the highest level since I live only near a small-ish city in the US. Hoping to get back into it though.


I know, right! I’m only on 6 ghosts! I wish it was Halloween again, although I wish I could finish the task BEFORE October. :frowning:
Thx 4 accepting the friend request btw.


:sob:I’m still yet to get dat pink egg with alolan forms from da gifts. :egg: some1 plz help me out. I’m dying for the white vulpix.:dizzy_face:


Add me for gifts 6019 1499 7402


I caught a Ghastly earlier, then not long after a Sableye showed up and I was so excited that I was about to get 2 in one night, but that little gremlin made a run for it :tired_face:

I can send you a gift if I get some on Monday. Hopefully it will yield a Vulpix egg. I’m hoping one of mine will be Grimer so I can get melted crayon Muk.