I Wanna Be the Very Best (Friend): Pokemon Go Thread!


0606 6276 7763 Add my code. My house is at a stop and my work is at a gym! From mass



9800 5543 0438


Greetings from NYC!

Casual trainer here but would love to evolve to a more serious one…

Love to send gifts but please reciprocate.

Feel free to add me: 9120 2345 1696.



7824 7869 1360 Add me if you live in Australia. Or you have lots of gifts and are active :slight_smile:


Also, human trubbish please open my gifts. I cannot send you anymore if u don’t open em. Also, I’ve got an alolan sandslash and meowth but no vulpine :frowning: why! :disappointed_relieved:


Sorry about that, haven’t been playing much because I’m still recovering from a medical treatment.

I finally got Grimer, but still no Vulpix for me either :frowning:


Oh. Sorry. I never knew. I hope you get better soon! :grinning: and good luck with that gulps too.


Vulpix. Auto correct


Hi! I’m from Holland (The Netherlands) *Lvl 29 Add me to trade gifts :slight_smile: 006868059483 -


I’ve been meaning to add more people but i’m trapped in the NC mountains, so I’ll do more once I get back to civilizations.


Returning player form a few years ago, looking for new friends! 0039 3316 2797 lvl 25


I’m from Germany. Add me to trade gifts 4959 1515 2416 :slight_smile:


Hey, anyone here playing Jurassic World Alive?

It’s like Pokemon Go but with Dinosaurs.

I’ll get my coat.



Getting ready for Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee.
Haven’t played in quite a while.

Live in Denmark, Europe.

Let’s be friends :slight_smile:


Hi, everyone! 5265 9702 6569 - my code. I’ll send gift as often as I can. Add me. c:
I’m from Poland.


Heya, returning player looking for new friends to trade gifts with and stuff, from the UK and i’m lvl 23. my code is 4740 0049 0628.


Hello, everyone!
5787 4753 5831 - my trainer code. Be my friend and i will send you gift as often as i can. :smiley:


Level 40 active player. Will send gifts Daily.


I also like this gift very much thanks for giving us this great gift we also told if if you are facing any kind of problem in that you can tack help with hp computer support team.


OMG I EVOLVED THE MAGICARP FINALLY! 1 step closer to Mew baby! Also celebs. I’m close to that too. Btw, has anyone gotten a regional from the 7km eggs yet? I’m praying I get my mr mime and touros. Edit: OMG IM THE 100TH MESSAGE IN THIS THREAD!!! CONGRATS HUMAN TRUBBISH! UR THREAD IS A SUCCESS!