I Wanna Be the Very Best (Friend): Pokemon Go Thread!


I am from Texas looking for some Australian and New Zealand friends. I am in an area where there are Taurus and Corsola Pokémon. I have received Mr. Mime, FarFetched and Taurus in 7k eggs but still looking for Kangastan. My trainer number is 8989 7881 4346 and user name is PokeballChunker. So far I have gifted all my friends that have opened their gifts every day. If you want to be friends, please add my friend code.


1892 9427 2629
Will send daily gifts North America


I’m from Australia, I sent a request through!


I wasn’t anything serious, I have to get Botox every three months to deal with my migraines, but as it turns out I am allergic to the treatment so I have to be on heavy antihistamines for a few weeks to combat the reaction. They make me ridiculously tired, but it is much better than daily migraines.

Unfortunately in the interim I hurt my back again, so my already limited mobility is hampered even further and I haven’t been able to get out much as of late. I am trying to get back into PoGo, but I still can’t be out walking until my back heals further. Just an FYI in case anyone thought I had abandoned the game.

Congrats on the Gyarados! The Mew quest is smooth sailing after that hurdle.


I’ve guiltily been playing this in anticipation of Let’s Go being something I’m into…does it work if I just leave this QR code here for people to scan?


Hey everyone. If you fancy sharing gifts and trading then feel free to add me from the UK. 5815 3242 8024 :slight_smile:


Happy to add anyone! Please add me!
Cheers & good looking out from ShadaiyahK Wageningen, The Netherlands, Europe :netherlands:
2532 7633 9868


I’m guessing one of you guys just allowed me to hatch a Tauros from a 7km egg :slight_smile:

This thread is all kinds of awesome.


Just started playing again after not touching since launch as working in a pokestop for a bit. Feel free to add I have lots of gifts to give.

6761 4223 8354


Code is 0227 6739 9068 from JAPAN, Aichi. Let’s enjoy.


Only just getting into the whole friend-thing on pokemon go. I live in Belgium.
If anyone is still looking for new friends, feel free to add me: 1490 0023 2591
Will send gifts as often as possible!


So i’ve just started playing this game in the last couple of weeks, and have a ton of gifts I’d like to give out! My code is: 3162 0327 8852, so give me an add and I’ll send some goodies your way!


Hello everyone.
I am a girl, I come from France (europe) and I am looking for friends who come from Australia, Indonésia, USA, Chili, Argentina, Malaisia, Singapour, Brazil, China, Japan, …
Add me, send me a gift and I’ll do the same every day!

==> 5567 7310 8490


7776 6579 2803

goal is to have at least 100 best friends so im sending gifts daily. hope u do too c:


Happy to add anyone as friend!
Besos & abrazos from Canelacaliente living in Wageningen, The Netherlands, Europe :netherlands:
Trainer code: 5360 2949 0065


Las Vegas here! Add me!

8387 0237 6028


Mexico City currently moving off to Vancouver in 2019.

4521 6776 6449


Add me Plz to trade gifts <3
1001 8922 4405



code: 2671 6634 8194


Saratoga springs NY. Add me 6738 6088 8740