I want T-shirts

I suspect that this is probably coming but I really want Waypoint t-shirts.


As somebody who doesn’t wear graphic tees, I would just love some merch in general to show the love and help support the site! It feels so weird deriving so much joy from the team’s hard work when there is no way to support them out of my pocket.

WP pin, coffee, mug, anything!

Even if nobody gets this reference…


I only want Waypoint TShirts if they’re bullets.


I want a shirt with the full Brooklyn Definition of Soulslikes. Preferably in Comic Sans font.

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I would wear the shit out of a Crowbar & Sickle t-shirt!

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I’m with you there. But on top of just the run of the mill branded logo, I think they should commission some of their feature images artist. There’s so many gaming related tees out there but so little with actual heart or reverence for the medium.

That artist/fan should write the Crowbar & Sickle zine. I’d buy that.

Here for the Digital Pyramids & Creamy Roll snapbacks.

I really like the new Giant Beastcast Episode 100 T-shirt. Definitely would want something with an interesting design to it, not just a slogan across it.

I would like a polo even more though. Anything that fits business casual would be appreciated. My Penny Arcade polo gets a lot of use simply because it’s the only gaming related shirt I have that I can wear to work. (That reminds me, I lost my XKCD raptor polo somewhere along the line. I need to get another of those.)

Also, mugs, pint glasses, and shot glasses.

I’d like a little enamel pin to put on my jacket, just the little white ‘W’ on the aquamarine square would be good.

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My vote: “The Brooklyn Witcher wants YOU to join Waypoint”

If only we wouldn’t get sued for that :stuck_out_tongue: