I Want To Buy A New Game On Steam

Now that the winter sale is kicking, I want to buy a new game but it’s really hard to decide on what. I was hoping someone here could come up with some suggestions.

I love Terraria because of the open world and adventure, but I dislike Minecraft for it’s lack of adventure and goals. I love MMOs and RPGs, but I dislike games with poor movement cough Archeage cough. I love Monster Hunter World because of it’s difficulty and the many ways you can face a situation, but I dislike Dark Souls because the combat is clunky it’s built solely on how hard it is. I love turn based RPGs where grinding is really rewarding, but I dislike when the grinding get’s too hard. My perfect amount of grinding lays on Terraria level.

My favorite genres are hack and slash, adventure (games like Legend of Zelda), RPG and open world.

Anyone got any suggestions?

Ooh, I like this challenge.


That tall order, I’m gonna go with AC: Origins. I should probably say Odyssey but I like Origins more because I like Ancient Egypt a lot more than Ancient Greece. Also Odyssey is amazingly too much content while with Origins you can at least finish it.

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If you don’t mind Extreme 90s Edge, Darksiders 1 and 2 are okay Zelda knock-offs. Avoid 3.

Although if she doesn’t like hard games; I found Darksiders 2 to be much much harder than Dark Souls ever was.

Edit: Maybe I read that wrong, nevermind. Still, I wanted to like Darksiders 2 but I guess I am bad at it, heh.

hell yeah egypt

90s edge best edge

hey i played bioshock infinite on the hardest difficulty smh

Go and get Dragon’s Dogma.


I’m thinking The Witcher 3 is your game. It’s got the hack and slash, open world RPG adventure stuff down. My biggest complaint about it was that it doesn’t play like a Dark Souls but it looks like one so it felt off to me (a person who likes Souls games).

funny. my first post on this forum was that from someone who have never played or seen any gameplay from witcher 3 it sounds very unappealing, and those who dislike the game always come with the same complaints that geralt is a boring character and the gameplay is very bland. i’ll look at some videos to see if i’ll change my mind

capcom hell yeah

this game is not currently on steam so i am being eminently unhelpful, but what you’re describing as your ideal game sounds weirdly like death stranding

kind of mixed on death stranding. story and world building is amazing, but i don’t know if i would enjoy walking for hours on end. when the game gets released and if it gets a big discount i’ll definitely try it out though.

Just saw that post. I’ll say the people who are saying you need to play 100 hours to find the fun or whatever are wrong. I only played 30 hours until I hit a game breaking bug (which was eventually patched) and I really enjoyed what I played. One of my highlights was defeating a level 15 Wyvern at level 7. It took a couple tries and the successful try was 15 minutes but it was quite rewarding when I succeeded. There are level 20 enemies that just one shot me so I have to avoid those areas, but I look forward to defeating them as well.

I remember people complaining about the character movement or controls when it first came out but they had changed it by the time I got around to it and it felt fine to me, other than the fact that I wish it was more Soulsy.

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Buy Chroma Squad.

It’s one of the best games I have ever played and the boss list includes an evil Spongebob Squarepants and Colin’s Bear. Please buy it.

… interesting

My favorite open world action and/or adventure games of the past few years are Witcher 3, Sekiro, RDR2 and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Honorable mentions to the last two Assassin’s Creed games, Origins and Odyssey.

Worth mentioning No Man’s Sky for that Terraria-like procgen grind.

OKAMI is on Steam and is apparently a good port. I remember thinking it was basically Zelda but you played as a dog.

Serious post: Chroma Squad is a turn based strategy game crossed with a tokusatsu show management sim, where some stunt doubles go solo and make their own TV show, and things escalate from there. It’s a ton of fun with really cute writing that becomes genuinely kind of awesome in the end game as actual stakes appear, and there are even three separate late game scenarios, one with a sixth ranger, one with Metal Hero cameo party members, and the best one where your assault class ranger becomes Kamen Rider and solos a large portion of the campaign with a bunch of new moves.

The team behind it, Behold, also did Knights of Pen and Paper, a charming send up to table top RPGs where you control both the people playing the game as their characters and the dungeon master to customize quests.

Dragon Quest Builders 2: Takes a bit to get going, but its a fantastic game that gives you alot to do.

Assasins Creed Odyssey and Origins: As mentioned by others both are really good with great worlds to explore and good combat.

Outward: a bit more oldschool 3rd person rpg from an indie team.

Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen: Its really good, and if you like monster hunter then theres alot in this youll love aswell.

Those are the games id suggest of the top of my head. Hope it helps :slight_smile: