I want to make a 'text' based 'adventure' game.. but im starting from square 0

i want to make a game that expresses what its like to live with my slant of Cerebral Palsy… but i have absolutely 0 experience… because of this my 1st thought was to make it similar to the opening of firewatch… a text based game that tells a story based on choices that you make.

but i still have no idea what types of tools i would use to make something like that.


twine (which is free) is what’s used for the beginning of firewatch, I’m pretty sure. To make it look like anything other than the handful of default styles you’ll probably need to be comfortable editing CSS, but if you don’t care too much how it looks, it should be pretty easy to get up and running.


thanks so much… i knew that it was twine but couldnt actually remember the name <3

Besides Twine I’ve been eyeing Ink to make something in sometime. It’s by the team that made the stellar 80 Days and (recently) Heaven’s Vault. I have no experience to compare it with Twine, but it’s editor seems good from the short time I’ve spent with it.


Edit: Their tutorial shows the very basics of how to set up a story, export it to a web format, change some theming and upload it to itch: https://www.inklestudios.com/ink/web-tutorial/

Also, good luck with your writing whichever tool you choose! :slight_smile:

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If you don’t mind doing a bit of graphical work as well, you may also check out bitsy:

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working with art is something i think is outside of my real ability… and my worry about trying to work with a collaborator is that i would just push all the work on to them

but this is a tool i will keep and look at because maybe someday :slight_smile:

yeah to be clear there are bunch of options.

choicescript is another one as is undum.

Probably twine and ink are the easier ones to learn to use though.

now i just gotta learn not to write garbage :wink:

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