I Was Excited Before It Was Cool: An Indie Game Hype Thread

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One day, Memories of a Broken Dimension will hopefully come out.

It really pushes broken glitch art to it’s extreme. I’ve been excited for this one for a while.


Death Inc. would have been a great game, but it never got enough support to get off the ground. Same with Dead Star. I got for free through ps+ and six months later, the game was no longer supported.

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Yeah, Strafe is looking really cool. Especially after playing DOOM last year, I’m excited to see another developer’s take on the “take early FPS design and modernize it” design challenge.

Next up: Freedom Planet 2

The sequel to the best Sonic game of the past decade. Freedom Planet 2 is shaping up quite nicely so far, with reworked character sprites and animations, new moves for traversal and combat, and much higher production values.


I’m in love with the art style of this game and the theme is something I’ve been fantasizing about for awhile. I’m so very excited for this one.

Ohhhh yeaaahhhhh… I remember this game. I think Jeff Gerstmann over at Giant Bomb played this on a Unprofessional Friday livestream a few years back. Never heard of it after that. It looked hella interesting, but wasn’t quite sure how deep into the horror angle of it all it would lean into so I never really followed it (I’m a complete wuss when it comes to horror).

Another title to look forward to: YIIK: A Postmodern RPG

I don’t really know what to say about it that the video doesn’t already say. Are you a fan of JRPGs, strange and varied art styles, and/or weird af games? This should be on your radar.

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Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar

In development by a genuine lunatic for over 20 years, it is apparently nearing release having recenly hit Stream Greenlight.

It might be incredible, or it might be a trainwreck. I can’t wait to find out!

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I love 3D platformers and I go out of my way to follow indie projects in the genre. One im pretty interested in is Skylar and Plux which is coming out on the 19th. It doesnt seem like its breaking any molds, but it does look like solid fun and vaguely reminds me of the various sony platformers from the ps2 era.

Im also really excited for Ooblets which is a pokemon/harvest moon mashup with a super adorable style!!!



I’m really looking forward to it.

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and Secret Legend!


Tokyo 42 finally has a release date and it looks to be interesting!

Check it:

EDIT: Oh, and Ooblets is already cool, but people should check it out anyways!


There’s this game that I’ve been following on Twitter called Pepper Grinder that looks rad:

Also Knights and Bikes is a Kickstarter game I backed that I’m excited for:


UnDungeon is a beautiful and complex Action/RPG pixelart game with a rich background, immersive story and seven unique characters

I just want to second Mineko’s Night Market and Ooblets ( @roguesquirrel ) . Both are on my radar too. CUTE AS HELL. Which is a key component of my gaming aesthetic. I don’t only play cute games. But if a game is cute, hand it over.


Makes me wish I had more games as cute as those two to share…

I guess we’ll just have to settle for Wandersong.

One adventurous bard sets out to save the world and prevent the goddess Eya from resetting existence. Solve puzzles and help people along the way with the power of your cute little voice.


i’m so into Ooblets rn I can’t believe it. that game is like 2000% my shit


Brave Earth: Prologue

Brave Earth: Prologue is the newest game from I Wanna Be The Guy creator and all around good fella Kayin. Heavily influenced by the original Castlevania games, Brave Earth includes three characters with vastly different playstyles and unique, yet intersecting, storylines. The music is composed using the VRC6, the same MMC chip used to do Castlevania III’s original Famicom soundtrack.

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NECROBARISTA is an original visual novel combining a supernatural suspense story with a stylised cinematic presentation influenced by anime aesthetics.

Women of Xal

A political otome visual novel that puts you in the shoes of Xjena, one of many women competing for an all male-harem in a power grab for political and economical gain. As Xjena, you will be in the position to form bonds with the many men and women that dwell in the brothel, or simply view them as pawns in an increasingly dangerous game. Can you win the seat while preserving your morality? Only time will tell!


Alvora Tactics

This game very recently came out on itch.io on May 8th (itch.io Page) and it’s currently trying to get enough votes on Greenlight. As the name implies, this is a turn-based tactical game, but it comes with a few twists. Rather than going from one mission to the next like in most tactical games, you have a town hub and a large, procedurally generated dungeon to explore. There are puzzles to solve and environmental hazards to avoid (or use to your advantage) alongside fast and brutal fights. Your skills can also affect the environment itself so, for example, ice spells can hurt enemies, but they can also freeze water to make a path across a lake and hammers can destroy obstacles which other weapons can’t.

This is actually a pseudo-sequel to another game called Voidspire Tactics, which may very well have been my favorite game of 2015 and which I wrote a pretty extensive article about. There are some differences between the two, most notably the procedural generation, but that article should give you a better idea of what Alvora Tactics is like.

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The game JUST released on Steam, but I feel it still could use some hype thrown it’s way: Rakuen.

Made by supershigi aka Laura Shigihara, a veteran composer of the industry best known for doing the Plants vs Zombies soundtrack. Rakuen is a story-focused adventure game in the vein of To The Moon. It’s about a hospitalized young boy who enters the fantasy realm of his favourite book to solve the problems of others also stuck in the hospital around him.

You can buy it on Steam here: