I was not ready for Your Name


It was too much. I loved it though.


Yeah, my partner and I went and saw it last week. Wrecked us both. So good though. Just top notch.


I saw it over the weekend! SO GOOD. There’s something about the incredibly well drawn scenes of bedrooms that I can’t help but love.


Your Name was really good!

I came out of that movie really wishing the entire thing could have been the first act, though. For totally self-serving reasons; I feel like the character that was Mitsuha, in Taki’s body, was accidentally one of the most beautiful portrayals of a not-yet-out trans woman, if thought of out of context. I’m definitely duct-taping the representation together there myself, but I was so affected that I left the movie still thinking about it.


no no no, this is it. This is the take I’ve been looking for. Ever since I saw it I’ve been thinking about its Maybe Not Actually There trans subtext. Thank you for reasurring me that I’m not the only one who saw this in there.

I mean, it’s not not there, right?


Confession: for like four months I got Kimi no Na wa and Koe no Katachi confused so I thought KnNw was about the deaf girl


I just read the manga of A Silent Voice and it was really good and I liked it a lot. Is the movie good too?


Movie was gorgeous, I’ve watched it like… 7 times now? I think? Just a masterpiece. The pen drop kills me every freaking time. My roommate convinced me to see it opening night with a few friends (she was ready to push hard, but I was actually an easy sell), and since then we’ve convinced like… my entire social group to see it. So fabulous. Might go see it once more before it’s out of theaters.

Def can see the trans subtext, understandable why you’d go there.

I’ve only seen it sub’d, btw; can anyone report on the quality of the dub? I’ve got some non-anime-fan friends I’m trying to get to see it, and sub’s can make things a harder sell, so if it’s a decent dub I might recommend that route.


I felt that too or that if the story wasn’t going to go in that direction be about Mitsuha falling in love with Okudera-senpai. Her falling in love(?) Taki kind of came out or right field for me but everyone else I watched it with didn’t seem to see that which surprised me.

Despite that I enjoyed it although watching it right after playing Nier: Automata did not do me any favors emotionally.


It was emotionally impactful, well directed, and gorgeous to boot. Watch Boy and the Beast or Wolf Children if you want some other real hard-hitters!


Thanks for the recommendations! I was looking for some anime movies to watch.


Bummed I missed the opportunity to see this in theaters. Hope it hits bluray/digital/etc soon.


If you’re looking for more recs, go check out the What Anime Would You Recommend To Patrick thread.


I can feel their romance was more hinted at than presented with how the intro and third act goes. But looking back I will have to say I was not feeling at least Mitsuha’s side of the relationship and what really motivates her, considering we dedicated that third act mostly to Taki. Mitsuha did make the first step by visiting Tokyo and finding Taki, but I feel like that montage beforehand did not truly present her interest in him to make the visit.


Between IGN and ANN I hear the dub is good. IGN’s Your Name Spoilercast lays some of it out.


I feel this really hard.


This movie was gorgeous. Those phone screens, the landscapes, the alternate styles they use… everything, really

why didn’t you write your name you stupid stupid boy? I was so mad! I just want you two to be happy together, damn it! Also that made me cry so I guess that’s part of it. So sweet, so pure, so dumb.


Her crying about not being able to go on the date really convinced me she had developed feelings for Okudera-senpai & wanted to at the very least find Taki to help her meet her in person. I can see why Taki develops feelings for her but like you said her motivations seem lost to me. Perhaps if they had focused on her more after the new timeline we could have seen that.


I feel you completely on their relationship feeling very out of left field. It’s kind of the reason that the rest of the movie didn’t resonate as much; it felt like I was knocked off the ride and never got a chance to fully get back on. Though, by virtue alone of it being a time travel story, it certainly ain’t bad.


I think the best way to describe it is Mitsuha FELT like the protagonist but then the creators decided to pull a “kill the protagonist” plot twist which made the focus on Taki who really didn’t feel like he had much personal development & was more of a support character for her growth lose some of the impact. It still impacted me personally but looking back I think it could have done a lot more if it had just brought back the focus to Mtisuha at the end.