I wrote (part of) a story about talking animals, I think it decent

(To clarify, I have been writing this book for years and due to scheduling conflicts, tried my best at finishing this Part I), instead of just rewriting the other few parts of it.)

I know, I know - however short a book it may be, or however short a section of this book it may be, it is still a goddamn book, and books tend to be longer than tall tales about Subterfuge, or sweet, sweet jokes about highly rendered horse testicles.

In short: a county full of talking animals was snapped in half during a civil war due to a really horny pair of trees. Those two halves spent 500 years apart and grew very, very differently. It’s full of metaphors and shit!

Tales of Lorcastle - Part I

In shorter short: I have spent too much time on this damn thing to know what makes sense, and what is just something I remember once writing.

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