ID10T is back... I'm conflicted


So to catch you up if you don’t know, The Nerdist podcast transitioned to being the ID10T podcast a while ago, but then stopped abruptly when allegations against host Chris Hardwick surfaced about him sexually assaulting a past girlfriend, Chloe Dykstra, daughter of legendary special effects wizard John Dykstra.

Today, the first ID10t podcast since those allegations came out back in June has been released, apparently an interview with Halloween star Jaime Lee Curtis. It’s in my feed, I haven’t listened to it yet… and I feel conflicted about even downloading it. Chris has denied all the allegations, has made no public statements on his Twitter in more than 3 months, and Chloe is not pursuing legal action as far as I’m aware, but it still feels icky.

I’ve listened to a lot of Nerdist/ID10T podcasts. Not 100% of them, mostly just picking and choosing people that I know/sound interesting, but I’ve spent a lot of time listening to Chris Hardwick. I know we are not friends (I’ve never met the man, never been to a show of his), but he’s been in my ear a lot. Ever since June, I haven’t listened to a single back episode though. I want him to explain himself (and hey, maybe he does at the beginning of the new one), but the fact that he hasn’t said something about it makes me feel wrong about continuing to support him with downloads and listens.

Am I over thinking this? Or are my concerns about this valid?


Your concerns are valid and there’s enough testimony out there to come to a solid conclusion that Chris Hardwick is an abusive jerk who doesn’t deserve any work or success in the entertainment industry ever again.


I feel ya. He voices a fairly major character in Tales From The Borderlands, the best Telltale game, and all the allegations have really made revisiting that game an iffy idea.

Honestly, while I can’t ultimately decide what you’re going to do, I would say don’t patronize any thing he hosts. He doesn’t deserve your time anymore.


Abusers like Hardwick are rarely, if ever, forced to face consequences for their actions. I wouldn’t hold my breath expecting him to make a statement, especially since he’s still getting work as if the accusations never happened.

One thing I never really take into consideration in these situations are whether or not the victims have pursued legal action, which is often re-traumatizing and almost always favours the abuser. It’s completely understandable for an accuser to never seek justice, given what they are put through just for coming forward.


Thanks for the perspective, y’all. I think I’ll just unsubscribe from the podcast for now, see what happens in the future. I agree, abusers rarely face consequences, so I’ll do my small part to make sure there are some in this case.


Yea don’t give that guy any air there are plenty of other podcasts out there helmed by people who haven’t ALLEGEDLY abused anyone. Chloe’s account was all I needed, screw that guy.


This conversation seems to have run its course, so we’re going to close it. Feel free to make another thread if it feels relevant to the issue.