Ideal "Mania" Revivals and Ideal Staff


Now that Sonic Mania is here and quite good, let’s indulge the fantasy that this will make other companies take notice, or make SEGA follow it up, and create more fan-driven retro revival projects.

What game would you most love to see a “Mania” of?

Which fans, indie creators, or original game staff would you most love to see involved in that particular Mania?

I’d love to see a DKC Mania, one last adventure in the DKC trilogy’s worlds with whatever today’s technology can do for that fake 3D style, and David Wise on the soundtrack. Returns and Tropical Freeze just didn’t do it for me.

SEGA, if you’re watching, I would love to work on a Streets of Rage Mania, I’m a professional composer with multiple credits on shipped titles and ᴘʟᴇᴀsᴇ ᴊᴜsᴛ ʟᴇᴛ ᴍᴇ ᴅᴏ ɪᴛ ᴘʟᴇᴀsᴇ


Even though I enjoyed DKC Returns & Tropical Freeze, I could definitely go for another SNES-like one. Since at least the Gamecube days, Donkey Kong’s overall vibe got significantly less British and lost a lot of the weird humor, like the Kremlings’ attitude, Diddy Kong’s bad hip-hop style and Cranky’s crankiness.

Back in Sega’s court… I’ve always had an affinity for Bonanza Bros. that extends beyond the actual gameplay? A co-op side-scrolling heist game would be rad. But I guess that’s more of a reboot than a “Mania”.

Crazy Taxi, maybe? Bump us back down to Dreamcast graphics, update the featured #brands, license some more Offspring, and you’re off to the races! With a looser open-world structure that works better outside arcades.


I was just playing Bonanza Bros in an arcade a month ago and thinking “why hasn’t anyone ripped this off!?!”. Super fun gameplay.

EDIT: Actually I guess “Not a Hero” was kind of similar? But wasn’t nearly as cute and didn’t have the same pace.


I can’t really think of who my ideal staff would be, but my preferred Mania would be for a game based off the GBA/GameCube Fire Emblem games (so the Japanese-only Binding Blade, along with Fire Emblem, Sacred Stones, and Path of Radiance), which, for me, were where the series was at its strongest, both in terms of good and (relatively) well-developed characters as well as the mechanical balance of the game. The metagame being angled more towards ‘who do you use in this run’ has been my preference over the newer one, which is more focused on the marriage and skill systems (at least in my experience).

This question is a little tough for me, since my nostalgia/childhood games (which is where I feel like ‘Mania’ games have to come from) are from the GameCube/GBA era, which I feel like is still not quite ‘retro’ for some.


It’s difficult for me to come up with anything that feels as deserving and begging for greatness as the Sonic series. Ever since I was a kid I always thought 2D Sonic was on the cusp of greatness, just one or two iterations away. I couldn’t be happier with how Mania turned out.

With that caveat out of the way, I’ve always wanted a follow-up to the aesthetic of Comix Zone. That game just had such an incredible vision for what a comic-book-as-video-game would look like, and the gameplay design fell so far flat behind the ambition of it’s visuals.


The Doom community is ridiculously good, building multiple high-quality full map sets every year for more than 2 decades now. So in a way we get Doom Manias all the dang time; there’s no shortage of great classic Doom to play. Lots of that is inaccessible, though: either concept-driven or outrageously difficult because it’s built for people who have played a ton of Doom and want a new challenge. I’d love to see Id do something like they did in the 90s with Final Doom: commission prominent mappers from the community to build 2 full 32-map sets, for sale as a standalone package with a modern source port. I envision the first set as a classic trip from sci-fi bases down to Hell, sticking more or less to Doom II’s difficulty curve but showing off the skills of today’s mappers. It would be an entry point for people who have never touched the old Doom games, or haven’t played since the 90s. Then the second set would be a variety pack that lets the mappers go wild with every silly concept they can come up with.


Just give me my Bubsy Mania tbh


Worms could be done well. I remember Gunbound did a good job streamlining that game into an online multiplayer game, but that was probably 15 years ago, at this point. I feel like the later games focused too much on explosions and were too frenetic, but if they forced worms to use specific weapons, or whatever, it could get interesting. I’d like to see the folks at Iron Galaxy give it a spin.


Oh, I thought of another one… Oddworld Mania! Because I love that series, and there’s so much wrong with the Oddworld remasters coming out. Would love to play a procedurally generated Oddworld or something, or just tackle a series of puzzle rooms with the classic art. It still looks pretty great from just the PC version of the first game.


Castlevania Mania because more games like Castlevania 3 and also the rhyme


Ace Attorney Mania. Let’s get guys like Kotaro Uchikoshi, Kazutaka Kodaka, Swery, even Goichi Suda involved, and have them write one case each. Not exactly fresh blood nor fans, but I’m sure they’d have great ideas.


cough ADVANCE WARS !!! (mania)


Tomba but instead of a mania style sequel it’s a Crash Bandicoot style remake

or if you want me to reply to the actual topic i guess a new and good MediEvil game would be nice