Idle Thumbs / Important If True / Other Thumbs Network shows


totally. there are probably other instances of this kinda thing happening (it’s the internet so I’m sure), but it was cool to see a group of friends lay out their pretty raw feelings on games for so long, then make Walking Dead, (season 2 for Nick) Gone Home, Firewatch, now Tacoma. Drawing the lines back to those kernels of an idea is pretty cool. Gives me hope for my own tiny ideas.


Also there was an episode where Sean joked about Assassin’s Creed rolling with Ben Franklin or whatever and accidentally predicted AC3.


plus that thing they highlighted on the cast re: Jake (?) predicting Fallout 4


I’m actually really digging IFT, but maybe that’s my deep-seated fear of robots talking. I also just like personal anecdotes in general; I always enjoyed them relating specific experiences they had in a game much more than talking in general about gameplay or impressions. This is what I like most about Austin and Rob’s game podcasting style as well. IFT is just anecdotes about everything else.


I’ve been listening to Idol Weekend for about a year now, it quickly became one of my favorite podcasts.


Idle Thumbs was my favourite podcast particularly around games, but Important If True hits exactly the spot for me. I could probably listen to the Thumbs talk about anything, they have such a good dynamic.

Idle Weekend and Something True are pretty damn great, too.


Yo I love grenades rolling down hills!


I’d probably be more disappointed about the lack of game focus if not for Waypoint Radio scratching that itch. I don’t need that much gaming pods, so a twice weekly one does the job just fine. And honestly as soon as they split the casts, it seemed like the thumbs really relaxed a lot more into enjoying casting again.


i really like this concept. i hope more creators do podcasts especially ones that arent quite on the fringe as your everyday youtuber or journalist


Thumbs are so great, so so great.


I’ve listened to Idle Thumbs for years but as they got closer to 300 it seemed like they weren’t as interested in talking games. Oddly enough they would then talk Zelda and that sorta CLICKED for them.

Idol Weekends is sort of hit or miss for me. When it hits there are few podcasts I’d rather listen to.


Idle Thumbs was the first podcast I ever got into! I jumped in just before episode 200 I think. I still listen, but I think I preferred it when they had a more varied roster of hosts. I love Chris, Jake and Nick, but it was nice when other people would drop by more regularly. I understand their reasoning for sticking to a more regular cast, but that’s just my personal preference.

Important if True is intermittently good, but I think they’re still finding their feet with it. And Idle Weekend is great (although I do miss when they actually posted it on a weekend)