If Burnout came back, what newish music would you want in it's soundtrack?

Burnout music is probably my favorite video game music and I miss it.

Blood in the Cut.


i would want no new music, and in fact i would remove all the existing music except this


Jeff Gerstmann’s Trackmania playlist.


I mean, I would also add in “Hello Kitty”, just so we can demonstrate Avril’s full range as an artist.

EDIT: Real talk tho, just put in hooks for Spotify and call it a day.

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Girlfriend, why are you even asking this

I’m not a huge K-Pop person but I actually want a good K-Pop selection blasting while I push a car into an island. That seems like fun.

Just give me Kill V Maim by Grimes and Girlfriend by the queen Avril and we’ll be golden. I would also like to see a nice mixture of hip-hop/indie pop genres. I think that would lend to a weird playlist that would make people (or me) want to play crash mode endlessly.

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The game could really use a better set of rap music. But I mostly agree with really good Spotify integration.

lo-fi hip-hop beats to crash to


Definitely Yung Bae.

Gentleman and Gangnam Style are the obvious choices here, but consider…

only god can judge me.

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On some Burnout Quick Look at Giant Bomb, Ryan Davis recalled someone from Criterion talking about listening to Modest Mouse’s “Float On” while playing because the really chill song kept him in the groove. That works but I also have my own choice for chill song to ram cars to.

Okay, I’m seeing some like jokey answers here, but I actually love this question a lot? Like what’s music that I feel would fit that definition of post-Burnout Paradise music that fits the “Burnout music” definition, warts and all? Gonna have to go through my library to think about this…

30 minutes later

Some answers I came up with quickly:

It would need some Brockhampton for sure and some Vince Staples.

Definitely need some Carpenter Brut in there! Can you imagine that?

This conversation is very much reminding me I’m a Old now. The most recent songs I remember being on the radio that I liked are still like… 3-7 years old. Sleeper Agent, Walk the Moon, Grouplove. Oh! Green Day had a single a couple years ago that was alright. Put that on there.

The most fitting followup to Girlfriend would be Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off. Perfect for Burnout.

If only because of some weird misplaced nostalgia for my Freshman year roommate playing GTA V, I would love to hear Don’t Wanna Fall in Love in any driving game

Dangerous Driving is out next week and it is basically Burnout 3 -2. Burnout 3… again? Burnout 2.9? Dangerous Driving: Takedown?

Anyway, it’s shamelessly Burnout 3, but because its from Three Fields Entertainment (who was founded by the same people who founded Criterion) it smashes right through any misgivings I have about that shamelessness and just becomes fucking rad.

And while it doesn’t have a soundtrack (it is fairly budget and barebones), it does have Spotify integration.

So I took the suggestions here that I interpretted as not-jokes and made a spotify playlist, as well as added these four songs that I thought would be perfect:

And just because we need a good 80s song

So here’s the playlist. Reply with more suggestions and I’ll continue updating it.


im watching that QL right now

It is… staggering how much this is just Burnout 3, and as a result, staggering how fast i’m going to spend $20.

Oh yeah and it’s burnout 3 so I can only really suggest one song:


I’ll have to check out this game. And I’ll add one because it’s stuck in my head. Ba da da.

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I really don’t keep up with music releases, but from the recent stuff I’ve listened to, Black Moon by Screaming Females feels very driving game (my actual ideal would be their cover of Shake It Off but even for this hypothetical that’s just not realistic)

Something from MASSEDUCTION would be neat, maybe Sugarboy?

Oe Los Ageless for more of a Drive (2011) neon at night vibe