If Swearing Makes You Stronger, These Are the Toughest Games Ever

Screaming an f-bomb while hauling all that heavy shit really does make it easier. Which makes ‘Mafia II’ the champion weightlifter of video games.

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I always knew the cuss button in Blood on the Sand had mechanical benefits!


Wasn’t Kingpin: Life of Crime for PC the first high-profile game to use the f-bomb? I think I even remember the devs using it a lot in an interview about the game. I tried to find the interview on IGN (as it was probably the only game site I read in 1999) but I can’t find it. Anyway that was a dumb game. It had some early immersive sim shit, like taking money and weapons from the pockets of dead enemies, but without any of the interesting world-building or puzzle solving. Couple that (and the swears) with an extremely crude dismemberment system and, obviously, it was one of my favorite games!! Cuz teenage boys are sick, you see

Shoutout to my homie Kaine, who basically carried the Nier U.S. release teaser trailer by cursing like a sailor. She da MVP

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Isn’t every other word out of the player character in Rogue Warrior a cuss? That’s the only thing I know about the game, really.

I thought House of the Dead Overkill held the guiness record in between Mafia II and Scarface, but thats just going off the top of my head

Yup was thinking of this.

So, Little Big Planet and Little Big Planet 2 do not feature any expletives that I know of, but they undoubtedly made me strongest since they provoked, without fail, some of the most heated profanity to ever come out my mouth because of an inanimate object.

Thanks LBP! That damn wheel can still fuck itself. <3