If there was a sandwich named after you, what would it be?


Another dive into the question bucket! You walk into a restaurant, it says your name on the menu. The Tuck and Roll would be New Orleans as fuck. Gambino bread, and I would find someone to combine the seafood from a po boy and the olive tapenade from a muffuletta. Served with Voodoo kettle chips and a nice Abita.




idk what else would be on the sandwich tho


The JoelDull:
Peanut butter, turkey, and dill pickle on white bread.


It would be called “Perfection” and it would just be a turkey reuben, extra cheese, little easy on the sauerkraut, added spicy mustard. You can’t beat 100%.


A chicken tender sub but if you tip all the chicken to one side the bread has my Tokyo Afterschool Summoners friend code written on it in ketchup.


Since my cyberpunk name is Vice Brot it would be a toasted slice of white bread between two soggy slices of white bread.



Someone fought hard for cheddar slices laid over beef slices.


The B.E.N.J.

just bacon, egg, 'n jelly on a nice toasted bagel

(or replace the bacon and egg with your own favorite ‘Breakfast Eats’)


The Glorgu is two slices of toasted sourdough topped with a decadent layer of the finest Glorgoo.



It’s just… a cup of coffee???

Is coffee a Sandwich?


Is A Hot Mess already taken? I feel like that covers me.


goretex and some non-descript military ration with a light drizzling of piss


The EXWeis is a glass of whiskey w/ coke. Also it comes with a ham sandwich with honey mustard, pickles, lettuce, provolone and avocado* on sourdough.

*Emil from Robo-Cop


The Theodore sandwich is peanut butter, scrambled eggs, parmesan with sauteed mushroom, garlic, and peppers on sourdough rye.


Turkey, avocado, and pepper jack on a dutch crunch roll.


Ainda Style

its just a cubano with a potato cake on it


The Meh.
It’s okay, I guess. Nobody got sick eating that, at least. It probably wasn’t necessary to roast all the ingredients beforehand…


A piece of white bread with mayonnaise on it but only covering half because it’s too much effort to finish the full job.


The Rory A Sourdough Patty Melt Medium rare, Grilled onions mixed with diced Jalapeno. With Pepperjack cheese. Serve with a side of Curly fries and a Dr Pepper. optional sweet chilli sauce or bbq sauce to dip curly fries in


It would be a hot dog.