If/when Trump is impeached, what are your plans?

I would imagine the proceedings will take at least a couple days but I feel like I should take at least take one of the days off work and watch it all from a bar. Presuming it mostly goes against Trump that’ll be a hell of a show.

I’ve also thought about(if he resigns/is forced out) getting a tattoo of the date on which Trump leaves office. But Pence is a terrible enough person that maybe that’s not great.

The kinda shit Trump is getting away with this early in his presidency doesn’t give me much hope that he’ll be prosecuted for anything, especially since Republicans are too desperate to hold on to power to take him to task, and the Democrats are so fucking spineless in the name of “compromise” that they’re not likely to take the big steps either.

If Reagan was the Teflon President, what the fuck does that make Trump? PVC?

If we’re being honest, I hope he doesn’t get impeached/taken out of office.

Don’t get me wrong, I abhor the man and everything he and his platform stands for. That being said, I sorta hope he stays in office and continues to be an ineffective leader. The more failures he continues to rack up (healthcare, tax reform [hopefully], etc.) the better.

I guess I’ll start trying to figure out how I got in a dimension with a functioning government and see what else has changed.

I recently took a class on the US Constitution and I learned that our Supreme Court Justices hold a LOT more power than the President. WIth that being said, I worry more about who will replace Justices Ginsberg and Kennedy once they leave. This is a far more conversation than Trump’s idiocy and Democrats need to be having this conversation NOW.

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I’m actually worried that impeachment proceedings will be a prelude to something seriously worse than government dysfunction.

I feel like this idea only works in a world where nukes don’t exist

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Heading toward the border with my family.

Seriously though, I am more optimistic on the possibility of impeachment proceedings now than I ever have been. My whole schtick from day one has been that the GOP will not move against until or unless he impedes their ability to fulfill their legislative agenda.

That hasn’t … explicitly happened? … but President Trump is not making it easy for the GOP to pass terrible legislation and is also sucking up all the media oxygen they would like to have access to in order to show everyone how hard they’re working to be as terrible as they promised.

After the ACA repeal failed for the second time, it did feel like maybe, just maybe, there was a recognition from the GOP that they would not be able to enact their hateful legislation because President Trump is so unpopular they’ll be excoriated at the polls for being associated with President Trump, regardless of how fundamentally broken are their attempts at governance. Sorry for the run-on sentence.

Anyway, if there is impeachment I will be worried. That means that President Trump is not going to resign (because he won’t) and I am afraid of what he is capable of when his back is against the wall.

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The impeachment process for Nixon (initial consideration of impeachment by the House) began on Oct 30, 1973 (initial Watergate break in was in June of '72). Formal impeachment investigation didn’t happen until Feb 6, 1974 and formal hearings started on May 9th. On July 27, 29, and 30th the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd articles of impeachment were passed. On August 9, 1974 Nixon resigned, before the House voted on impeachment and thus was technically never officially impeached.

Trump is currently facing an official investigation and based on the Nixon precedent, we will most likely have to wait a while before we even get to the articles and then there will be delay until actual voting. There has never been an impeachment vote in US history so we can really only speculate how that would go. Basically, this is a long road and that is all assuming that Congress wants to impeach Trump. All this slows down the more support (or ambivalence) Trump has in Congress.

Mmm, don’t get that tattoo. Please don’t get that tattoo. Trump doesn’t deserve any lasting impression on anyone except being known as the worst president we’ve ever had. Also, you’ll have a reminder of him on your skin.

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Eagerly look forward to watching democrats bend over backwards to capitulate with Pence because he’s sufficiently Normal.

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I think there’s a case to be made for Trump as the nuclear grenade America needs to jump on and Pence the as the chest wound that follows, but a Pence presidency will likely be abysmal and full of Democrats bowing and scraping even if they’ve got a majority.