If you are touching bread, you are a sandwich

This technically means that any time you are eating a sandwich,you are also a sandwich, making you a cannibal. UNLESS you are wearing proper personal protective equipment.

I don’t make the rules, I just enforce them


I’m a sandwich now. Thanks, dad.

So you’re saying my salad glove not only helps me get the leaves at the bottom of the bowl, but helps me keeps my conceptual identity?

disagree, the bread needs to form some kind of enclosure around an element of your person

formally: for all sandwiches, a line can be drawn through space from a point on the metabread to another point on the metabread which intersects metafilling

metabread and metafilling, of course, being the more general categories canonically filled by baked leavened bread and meat, respectively

in this case you would be the metafilling, and some disjoint or flexible carbohydrate may form the metabread


We are all open-faced sandwiches!

discourse? more like the “main” course! this is what I’m here for!!!


If I am touching a sandwich, then I am a sandwich. I am touching the floor, so it’s now a sandwich. Extrapolate, and everything is a sandwich!

Ok, that’s cool. Now we need taxonomy for subsections of sandwich omniverse