If you are unfamiliar with Otomatone covers of popular songs, let me enlighten you


And the magnum opus:


The true horror is that there are so many videos of this on youtube.


I love that thing, so fun but actually useful and actually expressive, and kind of difficult to use


I love this version of Fly Me to the Moon.


make way for the queens


Be ready to be moved.


Gettin’ some real Rhythm Heaven vibes here and am extremely inty.


You’re not the only one!


Otamatone is art!


It never ends.


I was once told that this is the song you hear as youre heading into the mouth of hell.
I still believe that.


I could totally see an elevator into hell with that music.

And to add to the thread again I suppose, here’s everyone’s favourite Disney song.


i adore this presentation so much! the white gloves are a such a good touch, i love the idea of treating the Otamatone with the same dignity and respect that a handbell would receive.


this is technically derailing but i feel like otamatone likers may also appreciate frog’s theme from chrono trigger
played only on frog novelty instruments