If you can't take the Heat..... (Need for Speed Heat Thread)

Sooooooooo apparently Need for Speed Heat is a thing…

I guess EA just dropped a reveal trailer yesterday, and the game is releasing…3 months from now on November 8 :grimacing:. That alone has me a little nervous. But the trailer totally gives me a NFS ProStreet meets Hot Pursuit/Underground/Most Wanted vibe possibly set in Miami. So maybe it could be cool?

I dunno…if it doesn’t have first person fmv fist bumps what even is the point? :sunglasses:

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Didn’t really provide any details to what the game would be like but as a tone-setter, hmmm, I haven’t really seen a nfs game pull off a decent story I’m not sure that’s what I would have leaned into. Not that I wouldn’t appreciate some context and gravity to my driving, just nothing about that trailer was particularly promising other than the game possibly taking place in Miami (which the pink typeface at the end seems to drive home)

This definitely seems like a short marketing window for a AAA game though, probably for the better?

I’m not sure you want a long marketing window for Need For Speed in 2019. I’m not sure I’ve played one of these since the most wanted reboot or maybe the hot pursuit reboot.
I love racing games. I just rarely play them. I always think “i’ll wait and this will go down in price very quickly” and it does and then there’s the next hot one that looks totally better, and so I say “Oh I’ll wait for this one.” and that keeps happening and I end up playing the original DiRT instead.

I love how the cop yells “I said right now”. Sounds so bad.

A developer on the game posted a bunch of details here:

On paper it doesn’t sound bad, but I’m going to wait and see until reviews and such anyway. I do wish the actual game leaned more into the neon 80s style the promotional art is going for but it looks pretty good anyway. Gameplay reveal will be at Gamescom on Monday.

Also, I wouldn’t take the late reveal as a bad or a good sign. It could be a good thing as it could mean the developers didn’t have to rush out a gameplay demo for E3.

i like that a need for speed game is using what is essentially a volvo for its cover car, and i really hope the loud cop dude is an incredibly OTT asshole who lives up to the legacies of Razor Callahan and Sgt. Cross, the only two Need for Speed characters i can in any way remember.

I only remember the protagonist of Payback, who was named…Tyler…McBroface?..mainly because of how 75% of the time when night would fall on the city, he would say:

“Yeah, the night! That’s when I come alive!”

Which never failed to be so unexpected and stupid that it lodged itself in my brain for eternity.

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