If you could choose to live in any fictional world


Where would you live and why?

Example: Pokemon because it’s post-war and somehow child labor laws don’t apply
Fallout, cause I like blowing shit up.


shadowrun, because even though it’s a terrifying corporate dystopia you can get a sex change for $300 at the mall


I will also pick Shadowrun almost 100% of the time and I could not be happier that it’s the first post. I fucking love everything about Shadowrun and it’s setting is like the greatest and most untapped shit in fiction. I dream of being a dwarf decker with a club and a shotgun.


Culture, because it’s post-scarcity space communist utopia.

Like, how could you pick anything else? Whatever you want, you can find it there.


Katamari Damacy. Just roll me up into a ball and send me into space.

Serious Answer: Destiny Islands from Kingdom Hearts.




Star Trek no contest.

1-As a human if I ever run into any trouble I just have to stay within Federation space for a bit and I’m set.
2-Klingon food looks fuckin awesome

I loooooove Shadowrun but we’re already living in it now so I don’t know if magic and dragons would actually improve current events. :smiley:


Ye, quite a few of the books are about finding meaning and explosions and basically stuff to do in such a society, if you’re useful. And if you’re not then you can always build up a fantasy world where you can play out such a scenario with a memory inhibitor to mean you didn’t know it wasn’t real until the scenario was over. All the fun of actual meaningful life, far fewer of the chances of being killed or causing a galactic incident.

Oh, and you probably wouldn’t have to go that far (asking for memory blockers). I can’t remember (been a while since I read them) if the book are explicit about those who fail to join those ranks but I’d totally expect those who would be unsatisfied by “pretend” scenarios would be given scenarios they simply weren’t informed were not real and full of nothing but those under the control of an AI. That seems a very Culture solution to the issue of people who aren’t going to actually be useful but really want to feel useful.


I’d say Mass Effect, but only of the Reaper threat wasn’t an issue, AKA Control Ending I guess.

Actually, the ideal version of that would be the Culture. An idealic utopia automated almost entirely by near omniscient AI with nearly the ultimate level of technology? It’s one of the best universes for a normal person. It does have its dark side, but that’s so far removed from everyday life that even with the augmented lifespans, cryofeezing, and/or time dilation via lightspeed travel (if you opt to use that method), you’d almost never experience it unless you wanted to. It’s not the most perfect world, but I’d say it’s 98% close to the most ideal society.


Animal Crossing, because I can own a house effectively for free and just sort of hang out and have a chill time.


Cities: Skylines! Being a cim would be easy living. Even easier as the person actually building cities


this is the best answer


My avatar sort of gives it away, but Avatar: The Last Airbender would be cool.


Whichever one isn’t capitalist


Yeah, I was curious as the human condition for 50% of us is to rail against any constraint created for us whether it is beneficial or not.


Any world where mechs are a real thing, cause who doesn’t want to pilot a giant death machine!


Crimson Skies.

Everyone is a pilot. Everything is aircraft. Everyone is a radio drama roguish charicature. Rigid-body airships. Zeppelins everywhere. Just silly with Zeppelins. I want to live in a world where giant airships are the norm.


TNG era Star Trek no question, I am so ready for that post scarcity space utopia.

Runner up and dark horse candidate: The Jetsons because it is future utopia but with that Googie sixties flair.


Star Trek, TNG era is correct.

Until @Shivoa reminded me of the Culture series. That wins. By far. As long as I don’t have to be a human poker chip, I’m good.


Jet Set Radio? I think it would be dope to be a stylish punk rollerblader who does sweet street art. Also I would just always be hearing that soundtrack all the time.

Stardew Valley would be cool for the same reasons as Animal Crossing. I would love to just own a house and fish and garden all day.

Oh shit and if I could just live in Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid and I could be Miss Kobayashi and have a nice job and a big apartment with a very cute dragon wife that would be basically my dream come true