If you could only listen to one song

If you had to listen to one song only for the rest of your life what song would you pick?

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Either this

or this

Come Down to Us has been my fave from my fave Burial record for a long time but I recently started replaying Grand Theft Auto V and one of the new radio stations, Frank Oceans I believe, has Hiders and driving down the Los Santos freeway at 100mph blasting that is my biggest joy in gaming atm.

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Maybe Happy Birthday

This, but unironically:


To be honest I’d probably stop listening to music because this would drive me freaking nuts.


Champions of Nothing, bu Matthew Good

It’s not my favourite song, or even just my favourite OP for this anime, but I think it’s one of maybe four songs I could comfortably listen to forever.

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i would die for stack

Fantastic choice. One of my all time favorites. This one is up there for me too:


Wait, I got a better one


Maybe the greatest song in an all time great catalog

It’s this or Girl

I want to pick a really really really long song like Cassandra Gemini or B!tch’s Brew or something by Swans just so I can squeeze the most ~content~ out of my pick.

But I actually think my pick would be Strumming Music by Charlemagne Palestine. It’s also a long song, yes, but I think it’s a song that I don’t think I would ever get sick of. It’s just a simple, resonant soundscape that is ultimately pretty inoffensive and relaxing.

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Oh this song was a favorite growing up!

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I like this choice! Combination Pizza Hut & Taco Bell is a tempting choice for me now.

I’m loving all these choices!