If you enjoy horror audiodramas, you need to be listening to The Magnus Archives


Hey for real, the Magnus Archives is incredible and should have a listener base orders of magnitude larger than it does, given the quality of the writing and production. I don’t really have anything new to add to the discussion, but this really needs to get more attention.


I started listening to this recently upon another recommendation from here, and have not been disappointed. The archival set-up grounds the spooky tales nicely, and while I was disappointed at first that there’s no VA outside the archivist character, I’ve gotten used to his slightly melodramatic intonation.


Give it a little bit. More voice actors drop in as it goes on, many getting their own episodes. At the current point in the story, you get multiple characters interacting nearly every episode.


OK cool! Is there any kind of serial-type throughline with the story that comes into play, or does it continue with the episodic format throughout?


I’m on S01E39. I think the acting is second only to Limetown and Coyote Tails and the writing is on par. The Magnus Archives has a heavier challenge in one regard, that it’s on-going and those other two are (as yet) closed productions. There’s something really special going on here with this crew.


Honestly, it’s kind of a fusion of both.