If you had a spare back, where would you put it? [SERIOUS REPLIES ONLY]

Do you go extra long torso? Do you have it extending your neck? How about an extra limb? Looking forward to your input on this intellectual discussion.

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On my front, as was intended.

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top of the head, like a cool fun hat


I’d have one very long leg

Hear me out on this: Double Wide Torso

This is a STRONG take.


i could prob fob it off on someone else
maybe someone will collect like 30 and become a dope snake

on my back, two layers. Double my core strength.

Hear me out: Torso Tail.


I’m listening.

counterpoint, put it on your back, but sideways. you can now only sit of stool BUT you got a coolbench for your friends to sit on

I haven’t gotten much farther than that, unfortunately.


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A spare back is a tail. Like, that’s just what it is.

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Can I replace my shitty fucked up back with this new good back? That would be what i’d do.


I’d biohack it to store all my RAM

You could def fit some extra RAM into that spinal column

I mean if I had some spare baby back ribs they’re going in my tum.

My bike’s got this little pouch clamped to the seat with inner tube patches, band-aids, and a collapsible wrench–very handy on long rides! D’you figure I could get someone to make one of those pouches for my human body and stuff the spare in there, so that in case of a torso puncture I’d have a backup?

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Is it just a spine? If so I would want it side by side with my original spine so I could make some kind of super spine.

Wazanator asks a real important question is it just the spine? or can i get the meat bit too?