IGN Management Says Palestine Charity Post Was a 'Process Failure'

Last week, more than 60 employees at IGN, one of the biggest gaming websites on the Internet, signed an open letter to their corporate overlords demanding answers and accountability for the still-unexplained removal of an article trying to raise money for Palestinian-related charities. 

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What an incredibly dismissive way of addressing the issue of taking down the post. They had to have known that the things they told their staff was 100% not going to change any minds.


I have a bad feeling about this, unless it leads to IGN unionizing, which would be dope.


“There are likewise many other people among our 238 global employees who have and continue to privately raise concerns about why IGN is straying so far from our stated focus on games and entertainment,”

“and how and why the original post was even published with certain language and imagery in it. There are IGN employees very hurt by the original position posted, as well as intimidated to the point where they will not speak up other than in a confidential setting. This truly upsets me on countless levels. That’s not us.”

Because the “cool boss”, the middle management guy who’s “on your side” will still ABSOLUTELY FUCK YOU when the chips are down


I have a philosophy with my current place of employment: “Don’t get too attached to your manager.” I initially picked it up because managers get shuffled so often but it also works for cases like this.

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There is no story that I wouldn’t call total bullshit, but they could have at least have had a story.


Fanbyte has some additional details based on their own reporting/sources: Inside IGN's Battle for Editorial Independence

82 out of 238 IGN employees signed a public statement

Very curious if “affiliates” like IGN Israel are counted in that 238. If it does, then the 82 might be a bigger majority of IGN proper than we thought. Honestly, I’d unionize out of spite at this point.


“unionize out of spite” is some real good tattoo material

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