IGN tweets support for Palestine, donation links



Not nice if accurate. I can’t find the source on Instagram but it may have been deleted.

Smart move to turn off the replies. The last thing we need is for the gamers to start opining on how Israel is “just defending itself.”


It’s down

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You just know somebody’s getting screamed at right now. I hope they repost it, it was a really encouraging thing to see

Given they posted it with editorial freedom the fact that it’s down now probably means ownership stepped in and made them remove it.

Game Informer made a similar post, and that was also removed.


Well, I for one can’t wait to see the response from the Gamers over this obvious act of censorship! Surely, TheQuartering is filming an EPIC rant right now, just as I type this.

Never thought I’d be in this position, but the enemy of my enemy is my friend, right?

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The posts by GameSpot and Kotaku are still up, now I wonder how long that will last.


No surprise IGN ownership forced that down. Support to the IGN staff for fighting for it.

Why have we seen nothing on Waypoint?


Fwiw lots of Waypoint writers have been vocal on personal Twitters. Might be Vice doing Vice stuff.


Because I am on Twitter too much today, have seen several IGN / Game Informer employees expressing dismay about this decision. Would seem to further confirm the editorial teams had nothing to do with the decisions.

There was a since-deleted tweet from the Game Informer EIC with “=” quote-tweeting the GI article detailing the places one could donate to support Palestinian folks. I don’t necessarily take that as an indication of the views of everyone at Game Informer but clearly the buy-in made it that far up the food chain.

You can’t spell ignoble without IGN.

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So clearly ownership stepped in and forced staff to issue this god awful both sides statement


Contrary to this statement (and with the major caveat that Twitter is a cultivated echo chamber), the only people I saw who are upset that IGN issued that article was IGN Israel. The IGN name is licensed to different companies worldwide, so their only affiliation with IGN as a whole is the name.


IGN releases a bold statement. So brave:


I know Oliver gets shit for his more liberal takes, but I’m glad he said this.

I just wish he dedicated whole episodes to these events. I’m still waiting for the Joe Biden episode where he takes him to task.


What is “corporate speak for ‘all lives matter’”?

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“All advertisers matter”