I'm a Ghost, AMA 2: The Spookquel


When hinges creak in doorless chambers, and strange and frightening sounds echo through the halls. Whenever candlelights flicker where the air is deathly still - that is the time when ghosts are present, logging on to the forums and answering your questions with ghoulish delight.

That’s right, I’m doing it again! Time to start a new AMA to answer your questions about ghosts, hauntings, seances, and whatever questions about the supernatural that you have!

Here’ the first thread for context.


Do ghosts have awards ceremonies for ghost stuff? Are they as consistently disappointing as our mortal ones?


Kinda amazed this didn’t get asked in the first thread, does your handle, video_gh0st, denote a specialization in video based hauntings? Perhaps something in the realm of a less than lethal The Ring-esque haunting?


now that being a ghost is a illegal, how have you coped with this shocking law change?


What’s Zak Bagans like?


Poltergeist tips???


Q1: Do ghosts like paranormal or haunting type horror movies? Do you find any to be pretty accurate or not too exploitative?

Q2: People are oftentimes afraid of ghosts. Are ghosts ever afraid of people?


How offensive is this video?

It really seems to flatten the experience of being a ghost in modern society. But as I am not living-deprived, I do not want to overreach. Just trying to be a good ghost-ally!


If I die in outer space and became a ghost, what would I get to haunt?


So if you die in a shed, and you haunt the shed, what happens if someone moves the shed? Do you stick with the structure, or are you just haunting a random patch of backyard? If you die in an elevator, do you haunt the elevator, or are you just haunting the part of the elevator shaft on the right floor?


This isn’t really related to the whole ghost thing, but you did say AMA so,

Could you open this for me?


Are ghost unions part of the same umbrella labor organizations as those of the living, or do you have your own AFL, NEA, etc.?


I’m gonna get to the rest of the questions throughout the day. But hell yeah, let’s start this off with some pickles.

Ok, just hold it still.



Thanks mate!


How are Dustin & Greg these days? How about Mark?


:ghost: Let’s kick things off from the top and work our way down! :ghost:

There are some award shows out there. The one I have gone to was for my union, the National Haunt Workers Association. It’s mainly to recognize those who not only innovate the field of haunting, but also recognizing those that work to make sure that we’re all treated fairly and equally. It’s fine, tbh. It’s not like other award shows for movie.

Yeah, so when I was coming up for a handle, cool ghost was taken already by two guys from the UK, not really sure what they’re up to. Something about board games? Anyway, I’m also a video editor and yes, I do have a specialization in video based hauntings, like the Ring. Actually, I met Sadako, the ghost that the Ring movies are based off of. She’s real cool and the whole thing of her killing people is not true. That’s just hollywood for ya. She has a lot of experience and has helped me out quite a lot when I first started editing videos and using them to haunt folks. She showed me how to use Premier Pro about three years ago and introduced me to Davinci Resolve. I still don’t know how she can see the screen with all that hair in her face though.


I like to get things done in advance so I don’t have to rush last minute. Do you have any advice on prepping to be a ghost?


Do people enter the afterlife in the state at death?


If I want to hang out with some ghosts, what should I do to let them know?


Still haven’t ran into him yet. As I mentioned in the last AMA, I did meet the Buzzfeed Unsolved guys and that was fun. Ghost Adventures definitely brings a weird energy. I’ve been told by other ghosts that the GA crew brings this weird energy and it’s suuuuper awkward. I’ve watched the show and like, yeah, it would be cool to be on their show, but I don’t know if I want to deal with all that.

Grab some pots and pans and bash them together. Stack some chairs and tables to make a cool fort when people aren’t looking. Hide the remote control. Poltergeists just love making loud noises and stuff. I would say avoid breaking stuff or maybe hitting people who are there. I’m not a fan of hurting people. Also that’s gonna get some unwanted attention from a priest, exorcist, or some other person who deal with the supernatural. But other than that go wild with that pots and pans drum solo.

Kinda sorta. It depends really. I like Poltergeist, it was, no joke, my first horror film. I don’t count Ghostbusters because that’s kinda more comedy than horror. Some are like bad in a way that doesn’t really or better yet focuses on evil spirits or tails. Like I mentioned earlier, the Ring is only 50% true cause Sadako is totally a super talented video editor and really enjoys using vhs tapes and videos to her hauntings, but she’s not a killer.

As for if we’re afraid of humans. There are ghosts who kinda don’t want to be around humans for one reason or another. So yeah, there are some that are afraid of humans. They live in truly abandoned places where humans don’t visit and chill there with other ghosts. Sometimes these folks call me and my team up if say some humans do show up and they need to be “persuaded” to leave.