I'm a Ghost, AMA 2: The Spookquel


Lol what are they gonna do? Put me in jail? I’m a fucking ghost! I can just pass through the wall and leave. Oh, you gonna cuff me officer? WHOOSH, they fell right through me. Who passed this dumb law anyway?


I don’t know how I feel about it. I mean, it’s totally wrong, except that we looooOOooove to dance and some of us do skateboard. But like, this is kinda bad?

Gonna answer these two real quick. You’re not bound to an area where you died, you can move around freely. Why stick with an old dirty shed, when you can haunt a new shed at the Home Depot. Or better yet, haunt the Home Depot. Floating power tools? Now that’s spooky.

If you’re in space, you could always fly back to Earth, but I do like the idea of a haunted space station…

Right now the NHWA is it’s own thing, we’re not affiliated with the Unions of the living. But that’s not to say that we might team up with them.

Listen, sometimes labor unions need a bit extra bargaining power. Sometimes a boss needs some extra persuading, if you know what I mean… :ghost:

Dustin and Mark are doing great. Greg is still an ass, but that’s what he always will be.

Mark is getting into needlepoint. They find it relaxing cause being a big eldritch like horror can be exhausting. Dustin started a podcast that teaches folks about improv comedy.

Greg is still hellbent on trying to take down the McElroy family for “destroying one of the fundamental pillars of haunting.” He has sill not gotten over the whole Haunted Doll Incident, and honestly, I just don’t care anymore. I feel bad for Griffin getting a bunch of his weird emails, but hopefully he just put a filter on so they go straight to spam.

Live your best life and maybe get a nice pillow. Oh and maybe set up a scavenger hunt for yourself. Just kinda a fun activity you can do when you become a ghost. Don’t worry about knowing all the answers, cause you will forget them when you enter ghosthood. One ghost had set up a very elaborate escape room for themself and they told me it was the best escape room they had every participated in.

Get some snacks, maybe some games or a movie. You got Smash Bros? Ghost love Smash Bros. And then get your Ouija board out so you can tell the ghosts about your dope party. And also, make sure you ahve some sage to burn in case some of your guests decide not to leave. Just be ready to perform an exorcism on your home, just in case.

Also as a side bonus, I found a Wikihow article about exorcisms and so far this is my favorite image on the page.

The caption here is “Just ignore them.”


Call of Duty: Ghosts.



Thank you for the response gracious ghost. One more question for ya:

Do you have anything to do with the spooky stuff going on in Lobby 1/The Control Room??


Never played it. Does this game have zombies in it? Cause the whole ether thing might be accurate, but I don’t really play it. I actually should read about the storyline because I think it’s interesting how they tried to sneak it in there to reward fans who engage with the mode. But that could be in another thread.

Afraid not. I’m in Texas right now which is far, far away from Brooklyn. Maybe it’s another crew? I could check with Mark and see if they’re union members.


I was once told Danny Phantom is based off a true story. Is that true & is the Box Ghost real & okay?


So like, I think it’s true about Danny Phantom. I’m not like, 100% sure, but last I heard he’s a youth pastor now or something

Box Ghost is doing great and he thanks you for asking.


Should I hazard a guess here that the Box Ghost is either invested in or otherwise benefiting from Amazon?


I’m a teacher, so I was wondering, do ghosts try to pursue education? Like, do they just kinda know what they knew when they died, or do they try to learn more?

Related, do ghost grow up? Like, if a child ghost dies, does it mature? Does it’s brain continue to develop? Does it go through puberty? I have to put up with several hormone-crazed students in my classes, and I wonder if they remain like this as ghosts.


Do you exist for an infinite period of time? If so, how do you percieve the passage of time?


Box Ghost steals boxes from Amazon warehouses.

“Fuck Capitalism and Fuck Jeff Bezos”

  • Box Ghost

Interesting question! So in the last AMA, I mentioned that ghosts don’t remember their past lives. Some try to figure that out, some don’t. But like, not all of it goes away. If say a ghost was a teacher, that knowledge is still there. They actually might try to teach. I know some ghosts love history and become these unofficial historians in certain places that they take up residence in.
In an earlier post, I mentioned Sadako is an amazing video editor. She said she just had the urge to make a video and just put together that video where she climbs out of the well. Didn’t have any previous experience as a ghost. Was probably a video editor while she was alive. So it’s kinda up in the air. Like we know stuff regarding our identity is kinda gone, but other stuff we knew in our past life is still there. It’s weird.

Yes and no. Like yeah, there are some ghost that have been around for a long long time. I know Mark has been around for a super long time. I think they were summoned by some doomsday cult, but Mark was like “nah,” and ate them. I can’t really answer this question cause I haven’t been a ghost for that long. Like, I’m in the well experienced area, but nowhere near Mark. They’ve been around for several centuries.

Some ghosts just feel like, it’s time to go. It’s just a choice. They peace out and go to “The Other Place.” Before you ask, I don’t know what “The Other Place” is. We just all decided to call it “The Other Place” and moved on with our unlives.

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