I'm a Ghost, AMA

Have you ever wondered if you could knock your rent down a bit if you found out your apartment is also occupied by a poltergeist? Maybe you were on Ebay and thought to yourself “is that doll really haunted?” Did you ever stop and think what goes bump in the night, but also why they go bump in the night?

If you said yes to all these questions than maybe I can help!

Hi, I’m video_gh0st. I’ve been haunting professionally for 10 years. Lot of folks don’t really know what to do when faced with the supernatural. But don’t worry, I’m here to help. Just ask me a question and I’ll do my best to help you out with whatever paranormal activity that you and your loved ones are facing.


hey. first time, long time.

whom, other than yourself, is the coolest ghost to hang out with

who is the most spooky ghost

i live in toronto ontario canada and am concerned about ghost problems. do you know of any spectral activity around the greater toronto area.


whats elvis like

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What’s your relationship with Zak Bagans?

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The first two questions I can knock out pretty quick. Coolest/Spookiest ghost to hang out with is “Mark.” Now, that’s not they’re real name, but unfortunately I can’t type it because it’s beyond human comprehension. They’re very, very, spooky. Beyond the dozens of eyes that pierce your very being and the constant whispers of voices speaking a language long long forgotten whenever you’re in they’re presence, they’re honestly super cool and chill. “Mark” is actually the rep for my local union and has always made sure that everyone is doing OK. They also throws the best parties. This year’s Halloween potluck was amazing.

As far as ghost activity in the Toronto area, I’ve heard the crew at Casa Loma has been doing a pretty good job haunting the place. They do just enough to really get under the skin of folks. They’re know for doing the White Lady which usually appears on the second floor and the basement of the castle.


He passed on to the other side before I became a ghost

Haven’t met him yet, but I have had a run in with Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej from Buzzfeed Unsolved. I ran into them on accident when they were filming at the Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas. I didn’t stay too long at the house, cause it honestly gives me the creeps, but when they asked the demon to turn on the flash light, I couldn’t resist. I turned that on. It was me. That’s when I heard the growling and I got the heck out of there.

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What’s your most problematic opinion about ghost related stuff?

Is there anyone that we would be surprised to know is a ghost?

Hmm, ghosts don’t usually talk about their past lives or stuff like that. Some can’t remember. And some say they didn’t even have past lives, they just always been ghosts, like Mark.

You do get some that make claims. So right now, there are like 12 ghosts claiming to be Michael Jackson. In Nashville, there are a handful of spirits claiming to be Johnny Cash. This stuff pops up sometimes, some will get into arguments and ask questions. But usually, it gets ignored.


Are the ghost busters a problem for the ghost community

So yes and no.

Ghostbusters, usually don’t mess with me or my team cause we stay low profile, standard haunts. But if you got a Gozer situation on your hands. World domination, trying to start a new dark ages, you know, stuff like that. Then someone is gonna make that call. And y’all, let’s face it, they love to bust ghosts. It’s what makes them feel good.

Sometimes, you get a small franchise open up with some very young inexperienced Ghostbusters looking for their first big bust. It gets annoying cause we’re just down here working our haunts and you get some goobers rolling up, usually without anyone calling them in the first place, just tearing it up. We usually just evacuate the area and wait for them to leave.


Has anyone ever swung a sword at you before?

Yes, and it was hilarious



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Are farts just food ghosts?

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Are burps just soda ghosts?

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Have any knowledge of the afterlife? Who got it right?

Can a ghost be haunted?

sorry let me clarify:

what’s elvis costello like