I'm a Ghost, AMA


Is… Uhh… I don’t understand time travel, ask Doc Brown?


What are your thoughts on Ouija boards and the Ouya?


I just want to say, this is an extremely good question. I’m busy atm, but I can not wait to answer this.


Can/do ghosts play video games? Do they still hold interest to those beyond the veil?

As a ghost on a video game forum, how have your personal tastes in games changed from pre- to post-ghost-hood?


Do ghosts eat? This has been a long running debate among my friends. The existence of Slimer suggests yes, but some people claim that Slimer is a special case and not the ghost of a human (his form is monstrous, after all.)

I believe that when food gets eaten, it becomes a ghost version of that food. A muffin that is consumed becomes a ghost muffin, and ghosts eat that food. One of my buddies claims flat out ghosts don’t eat. A third is a squishy centrist on the can-ghosts-eat question. Can you resolve this debate for us?


What are the rules, regulations, and just general manners, around possession of living beings?

I’ve been wanting to ask a ghost this for a while cause I’ve heard a lot of contradictory info on this, and honestly some of it really doesn’t paint ghosts in the best light.


Alright, we got a lot of questions and I got a lot of free time!
LET’S :clap: GET :clap: CRACKIN :clap:

Ahh, Ouija boards. I love them. They’re pretty much ghost walkie talkies. Very useful for chatting with other ghost friends. You just gotta be careful that they’re tuned into the right frequencies and, not the uhh, questionable ones.

Ouya is the haunted doll of the video game industry. You can only find them on Ebay.

Heard some ghosts figured out how to mod it to make it like Ouija board 2.0, but when they tested it, they got stuck inside it. I don’t know if they got out, but that project got dropped really quickly.

Oh yeah, ghosts still like to play video games. I know that there are some arcades that are slightly haunted, bu that’s because there are not that many around, and some of the big ones have a lot of people, so it’s hard to play.
As far as how my personal tastes change since being a ghost, not that much. There are some games though that I know I shouldn’t play, but still do.

I love Luigi’s Mansion. And yet, here I am playing a game where the goal is too capture my own kind inside a vacuum. At least in Dark Moon, the ghosts are set free once King Boo is defeated. I get some weird looks when I play it from other ghosts. It’s just so much fun. I can’t help it.

I’m pretty sure there are no food ghosts cause a muffin isn’t sentient. You could get haunted by a cow ghost at your barbecue. But that’s a rare situation.

Puns aside, We can taste food, but we can’t digest it. For example, I love having a cup of tea at night. I drink the tea and can taste the tea, but I have to bring the tea bucket to catch the tea as it fall right through me. It’s a hassle, but gosh darn it, I love having some chamomile tea in the evening.

We have a zero tolerance policy on possessing a living being. Taking over a person against their will is morally wrong and dangerous.

We don’t have ghost cops, but word does get around when some rouge ghost is flying around possessing people. Mark fucking hates them. And you don’t want Mark coming after you.

If you have witnessed a possession, outside of calling a exorcist, I would recommend contacting the National Haunt Workers Association via Ouija board. We can send a representative over to apprehend the ghost responsible.


I already love the afterlife, how does one apply to become a ghost?


I knew there was a reason I created a User Account on the Discourse Dot Zone. This thread more than vindicates that life decision.


uhh, I guess you could preregister to the union if you want?
idk, Mark is shrugging at me. I guess that’s OK?


so what’s up with those ghost hunter TV shows? is your union part of the crew (and compensated accordingly), or are these guys just intruding on regular ghosts hangin out???

if you guys have a contract with ‘em, how are you guys paid? and how did negotiations play out?


further question: on ghost TV, are there ghost hunter hunter TV shows?

Actually, step back: is there ghost TV?


What do ghosts call it when other ghosts end a personal relationship with them by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication?


You know this is a real good question, they aren’t like…just poaching ghosts with no compensation right, especially since they’re often like are removing ghosts from the land they are haunting?


Got my computer on, brewed myself a nice cup of tea, and got the tea catching bucket all set up.

It’s time to answer your questions.

Combining Ziven’s and Robo’s questions together since they cover the same topic: Ghost Hunting Shows.

Paranormal Investigators or “Ghost Hunters,” even though they don’t do a lot of hunting, love hanging out in haunted locations with all their fancy TV equipment. They’re here to investigate specific locations for supernatural phenomena, aka me. We don’t have agreements or any sort of contract with them. So it’s more of them just intruding on us just hanging out.

Now this is where things kind of branch off. If you’ve watched these shows you know that each location gives off a different vibe. Maybe the ghosts there play along, maybe they don’t, maybe they get aggressive. It depends on the ghost team that’s in that house. Ghosts haunt for a variety of reasons. Some love to entertain, others might want to keep the stories and legends of a location alive, and some just want to be left alone. There are more reasons, but I think these three are the main ones. I’m very much in the entertainment area, most of my team also haunt for this reason. I do know of one team in New Orleans that offers a place for ghosts who don’t enjoy the extra attention and will often try to “distract” ghost hunters and get them to focus on them and not their guests.

And as for like Ghost TV. A while back, there were some negotiations about sharing videos of your recent haunts on sites like YouTube. Like, how much interaction is too much? There’s definitely a part of the population that are skeptical or just straight up don’t believe that ghosts exists. Do we want to put ourselves out there and convince everyone that we exist and risk all of our homes and communities flooded with people trying to make contact or study us?

Over time we were able to answer these questions about how ghosts use the internet. While we have always used Ouija boards to chat, applications like Discord, Slack, and Telegram are much easier and useful to chat with each other. That way we can make sure that it’s just ghosts only talking about their trade and sharing their secrets. Overtime, some ghosts started using Twitter. Especially with Furry Twitter being a thing cause everyone assumes people are pretending to be these creatures. We get away with the assumption that we’re just pretending to be ghosts on the internet.

ah ha ha
oh ho ho
no, I’m not falling for it.
NICE TRY :ghost:


i love the lore being developed here tbh


If ghosts can eat/drink but not actually process the food what does this mean for alchol? Can ghosts not get drunk?


Would that be called living as it is the opposite? Or do you live in a river of souls situation?


Do ghosts actually get anything from Ghost Hunting programs, cause so far it all sounds incredibly exploitative to me.


Is Frankenstein’s monster, commonly known as simply Frankenstein, poses the ghost of their past life or is it a different more complicated (or simpler i dunno) thing? What is the general consensus among the ghost community regarding reanimating the dead? Was that a big ordeal? I imagine forcing a ghost back into a body may be some sort of ordeal.

Another thing that I get mixed up with due to popular media. Are ghosts the souls of people or are souls contained within a ghost of a person and the two are separate things?

Thank you again for your time.