I'm a Ghost, AMA


My team and I do enjoy beer. Texas does have the best breweries after all. Don’t @ me. But as far as getting drunk, I’ve never tried and don’t really want too. I’ve heard some folks who have said that ghosts can get drunk, but it’s different since we’re all ectoplasm or whatever. But also, beer is something you don’t just like chug constantly. Even the undead drink responsibly.


Sorry for the wait, had some things to take care off.

So I actually read this question about Frakenstein to my team and we got in an argument over how it would happen. Some say that let’s say the scientist sows on your old arm, so once the monster is bought to life, the ghost of your arm returns to the original. Then you just got a ghost floating around without an arm. Others are arguing that it doesn’t matter is that all the ghosts of all the bodies that were used will just go back to this one monster creating a hive mind situation or just a bunch of people trying to operate one body. Others think a new ghost is created all together. Not really sure but also, they all sound like they suck so hopefully it never happens irl.

So as far as the attitude towards reanimating the dead or let’s say necromancy in general, it kinda sucks. Cause like, reanimating the dead to put into service is bad and, let’s face it, not a great deal for ghosts. I don’t think necromancy is a big issue right now. I did run it by Mark to get more info since they have been around for centuries at this point. They say at some point it was a big problem and was totally and ordeal as ghosts were being weaponized against their will in order for a necomancer or a group of necromancers to gain power. In fact, it’s the reason why the Union was formed. Although it wasn’t a Union like the unions we have today, it was more of a coalition of the undead against necormancy.

And on your third question. I don’t think I fully understand. Like I get the first part is that the ghost is the soul of a person, but I don’t understand the other part of it. Also, if you don’t mind, what popular media pushed that idea?


Thought I would share this here. A friend of mine recently went viral with a haunting he did recently at this house.

Sometimes just doing something simple can be super effective.

Quick edit: Should mention that my friend had no intention of hurting the kid. The child just gave him an opportunity and went for it.


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