'I'm as shocked as you are' — Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle


(Title quote pulled from Patrick’s article on the game.)

I think most of us are fairly pleasantly surprised that this game is it has been reported to be. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is an ‘over-the-top strategy game […] an unexpected encounter between Mario and irreverent Rabbids’ for the Nintendo Switch, made by Ubisoft. Battles take place in a turn-based system that pushes you to try and perfectly execute your turns in a puzzle-like fashion.

I haven’t sunk my teeth into this game yet—but I can’t wait to. I’m not a deep-running Mario fan or a Rabbids fan (is anyone?), but this game sounds surprisingly great. How have you snapped it up already? How are you finding it? Any tips, tricks, or warnings for newcomers?

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Hey! I am neither a die hard Mario fan nor a diehard rabbids fan but this game is a lot of fun. I think Patrick mentioned that it’s more of a tactical puzzle box than an x-com lite in his article or on a podcast and that is definitely true.

The main advice I have is to play through the first 5 or so chapters right away because that is when the game opens up. The difficulty ramps up quite quickly and I found myself VERY surprised to lose a party member on the first mid-boss.

Once you get a feel for how the team members and abilities interact you can instigate all sorts of silly tactical mayhem.

Once the skill tree unlocked I texted my friend and was like …skill tree? … SKILL TREE!!!. I love it


I played about an hour and a half or so last night and it immediately grabbed me. Tactics games of this ilk are usually quite stressful, so the laid back, streamlined approach is nice (for now).

I really dig what it’s doing with movement like the dashing and the jumping on teammates. Creating chains like dashing into and enemy, running back to a teammate to jump behind the same enemy and shooting them down is tons of fun. So many tactics games are sort of slow affairs where I turtle my way through a level and the mobility in Mario + Rabbids is refreshing.

Oh, and the simplified hit %'s are :kissing::ok_hand: At the very least they won’t make me pull my hair out like missing an 80% shot in XCOM.

This could all change though, but for the time being I’m a fan of what they’re giving me.


I bought it earlier and I’m trying to get through my grad readings for the week so I can play it!


The best part about grad school was all the video games I got to play.

I wrote my thesis right when Skyrim came out. I just stayed in my room and wrote and played Skyrim. I’m pretty sure my room mates thought I had died at one point.


Probably going to pick this up tonight. I’m delighted to hear it’s more challenging than it looks from the opening hours.


This game is awesome. I’m a pretty big tactics/strategy fan and the way they simplified and streamlined everything is great. Everything you get they enemies also can get (though usually much later) which really makes things challenging while familiar. I was impressed that I didn’t perfect everything in world 1 the first time and the challenges are even more difficult. I watched a steamer playthrough world 1 and one of the challenges and it was good to see how his different approaches made it more challenging to him in different ways.


I like it a lot, though have only just hit the skill tree. Lost Mario on the last battle and now am stuck with my usual quandry of “do I hoard gold, or upgrade stuff”. It seems ideal for the Switch, as I have had it a few days and basically play for 20 minutes when out and about, then put it down for the day.


I’m loving it so far. I’ve always liked the Rabbids as characters, but haven’t played anything featuring them after Raving Rabbids since I don’t have any interest in minigame collections. I’m really glad that Michel Ancel’s silly creations are getting a chance to shine in a “real” game.

The story line is embracing complete madness in a way that I have no problem getting behind, the art direction is great, and the boss fights so far do a great job at mixing things up. My four year old also likes watching me play, so that’s definitely helped me squeeze more than my usual amount of game time in.

Anybody that likes the mobility/teamwork aspects of this game should check out Chroma Squad. That game featured near identical movement mechanics.


I never knew how much the world needed a Mario game scored by Grant Kirkhope before this point. I adore this soundtrack.


There’s a part of me that feels like Rabbid Mario is the secret best character of the game and best new character of the year, honestly. The dude is just so fuckin’ chill. he does everything with the casual grace of a true workin man from Playin’ a lil’ mandolin, hanging all nonchelant up against cover, twirling his hat, blasting fools with shotty’s and beating them to death with a hammer. Seriously, look at his face. those are the half closed eyes of an actual Italian plumber who has quite literally seen some shit and isn’t impressed or rattled by anything. Oh, and he eats pizza during the stage clears.


I am actually thinking that the Rabbids characters are generally better than their “normal” counterparts. Both it terms of design and gameplay.


I’ve always had to justify why I loved the Rabbids before now but they’re really REALLY funny. Some of my favourite goofy moments have been when Ubisoft brushes right up against Mario’s squeaky clean persona. Rabbid donkey kong will wipe his bum with the rabbids but just roars at mario and throws him away. Or when you walk through the pee stream of a giant statue of a urinating rabbid. They’re purile but it’s ridiculously hilarious to see moments like that in a Mario game.

Also it gets very tough without getting annoying. Halfway through the second world and though I’ve been stuck at points you can always go back and rack up more suitable weapons or get skill orbs by perfecting previous segments.


I picked this up as a birthday present the day before yesterday and sat down with it last night. I think I might really like this game. I still haven’t totally got my head around the movement abilities (and my tendency to spread myself a little thin has definitely led to taking some hits I didn’t need to). I just beat the first world’s mid-boss and made a little more progress beyond that.

Not looking forward to getting Beep-O’s push and needing to backtrack forever, though…


Woah, when this game starts to click it really clicks.

On top of that, the highest praise I can give is that I actually like escort missions in this game.


Having sunk a little more time into this game now, I’m really enjoying it but am not terribly fussed on the Challenges. I accept what I may just not be fully understanding how to approach them, but I’ve bumped into a few (like #3 in the Ancient Gardens) that feel like they can’t be beat without progressing in the skill trees. If I’m just missing something with them, that’s fair, but diving back into a level I’ve already cleared only to find I’ll need to backtrack again later is… unpleasant.

I also don’t really understand the boxes with the symbols on them fully? I wish the Tacticam was a little more helpful with explaining things (particularly status effects).


I have seen people go through all challenges without backtracking after having built up their skill tree so it’s definitely possible, just really really hard.


The boxes with symbols will be explained, but will involve some backtracking…


What I found with the challenges is that they were much more puzzle focused than the main mission line, with several requiring me to respec entirely to improve my chances.


I’m pretty sure I know the challenge you’re talking about, and you don’t need to upgrade your skill tree. It’s the one where you have one turn to reach the zone and your party is all spread out, right?

Hint:One of the special conditions for the battle is that enemy super effects will trigger 100% of the time.

Solution:First you have to shoot one of the smashers with your teammate that’s off to the side so that they are lined up. Then you run Mario up to the first one and shoot it, so it’ll counterattack him and bounce him in front of the other. Then, end your turn, and that smasher will hit him and bounce him over the water and into the zone. Victory!