I'm getting drunk at an airport, AMA


Hi my flight is delayed again and I’m drinking margaritas and I’m super bored. Flew in for an interview and now it’s liiiiiit AMA


Salt rimmed or sugar?


Hey man, how you been?


I can’t get boozy at airports anymore after a literal bad trip… how long you delayed?


Salt rimmed I’m not an idiot here!


Just making sure!


I’m good! Well I got laid off so that was absolutely not good but I got an interview so that’s hopeful at least and now you have made a forum which is also good


I’ve been here since 3 but hopefully boarding soon


Rate the surrounding people on their footwear by a scale of 1-10, please.


I’m glad to hear you’ve got an interview, at least! Which airport are you stuck in?


Grandma passing me on legit sneaks, 9/10 no crocs in sight


Is the company paying for your booze?


Philadelphia, back to Cincinnati


Are you flying united?


wait, were you always in Cincinnati?


They have asked for all receipts and these purchases have absolutely generated receipts


Only in the past two years, before that was D.C.


No im flying the American brand of airplanes but I will document any violence against my person


Take a shot every time another flight leaves before yours.


Im actually dead now