I'm mad about the ending of Fable 2 (spoilers)

I was mowing the yard recently and ended up thinking about this again and I think it might be the most irritated I’ve ever been with the story of a video game and I wanted to say so. Spoilers for Fable 2 to follow.

If I had to pick just one thing about it that really irritates me it’s that Fable is largely a game about freely interacting with the world around you, but at the one moment of the game I really wanted to do something my character is forced to stand there doing nothing. The game culminates in you stopping the evil ruler of the land right before he activates a device to give himself unlimited power, and then in sweeps the mysterious seer who has been hovering around you your whole life to take control of it for herself, and your character stands idly by doing nothing. Then this person who can see the future, who instigated your circumstances in the first place says “oh my, I just happen to have slipped into becoming all-powerful as a result of you spending your whole life enduring pain and misery, pick one of these 3 rewards I’ve set up to make you feel bad no matter what you pick.” I was in total disbelief that this person who is empowered with the ability to defy fate and was willing to upend the entire world order to right a wrong would just stand by and do nothing, just taking the insulting offering and passively standing by.

It makes me mad all over again every time I think of it.


Thats how Fable 2 ends? I never had a 360 but played maybe 2/3rds of the game with a friend but wasn’t around for the ending. i loved the shit out of it but man that ending just sounds… not good.