I'm thinking about Mario Odyssey


Did you know that a new Mario game is coming out on Friday? That’s nuts. You can throw your hat on a thing to become that thing. Holy shit.

Bump this thread if you’re thinking about Mario.





Can you throw your hat on a dog? I wanna be a Super Mario dog.

What things do you want to throw your hat on?


They have not confirmed that you can throw your hat on a dog but in the trailer you could play fetch with a very good dog


Never been so excited for a game. Contemplating taking a half day at work on Friday just so play this.


I;m thinking about thos odysseys



I happened upon the demo at Target today and was surprised at how much fun I had playing through the exact same sequence I’ve watched at least a dozen gameplay videos of (the beginning of the frozen desert area). I guess part of it is just the great, fluid sense of control, and part of it was the excitement of oh damn I’m actually playing this now.

I probably won’t have time to buy a Switch and play until next year, but I’m excited to see what the reviews have to say later this week.


Haha so cool. Is this legit? On topic, I have the game preordered via Amazon…Hype is REAL!


the tweets are real but they’re from 2014


The Hype is real :sunglasses: Hope it delivers


I haven’t been this excited about a game in a looooooong time. I’ve always loved how much Mario games have evolved to stay relevant. I’m going to be throwing that hat at everything. Those sequences where you jump onto the wall and it turns into NES Mario are brilliant, pulling on those nostalgia heart strings for us older gamers.

It’s going to be rough though, I still haven’t finished Zelda, and my small Destiny 2 clan is going to be harassing me to get online, lol.


I can’t wait to hear the soundtrack, Mario games never disappoint in that regard oh man oh man!


There is a lot of excitement in my house for Super Mario Odyssey. My brother and I have our copies pre-ordered and ready to go for Friday. I’m planning on waking up Saturday, grabbing pop-tarts, and sitting in my pj’s all morning to bring back the good ol days when I played Super Mario 64 as a kid. I can’t wait to explore every corner of this game. It looks like a classic, and who knows what Easter Eggs are hidden in this game.


The dog is already wearing a hat. Dogs can’t wear two hats, that’s just crazy!!!


How do we know that the hat isn’t just possessing Mario the whole game?

Is this hat related to the announcer from Mario Party 8?


How are we only now finding out about the sentient hats? What next, the blocks Mario breaks with his head are sentient too? What other secrets are they keeping from us…



This thing is out at 9 PM at Best Buy on the west coast. Definitely going to be up late


Im so excided for this video game. Ive been listening to that new donk city theme so much. Song just does something to me.


I’m really looking forward to all the music hitting me fresh. I will never forget seeing the Gusty Gardens theme on youtube when it was first announced. It is pure magic, along with the rest of the OST.