I'm unironically listening to Bring Me To Life, AMA


Just havin a good ol time, ya know?


Okay, song’s over, AMA’s over. Move along.


Please react to this




were you brought back to life?

if so, how much?


Yes, but only 3.


What’s going on? Sorry, just woke up


Listened to Bring Me To Life, now I’m listening to the No Man’s Sky soundtrack. What’s up?


Oh, got it, we’re here to save you from the No Man you’ve become


I was in high school when that song came out, so I don’t feel bad at all about still liking it.


I was just singing this to myself today (for reasons unknown), and was trying to figure out how this group gets lumped with the Nickelbacks of the world. I don’t play their music much, but they aren’t aggressively awful.

Anyway, on with my question- Enya vs Tori Amos in a Tijuana machete duel. Who you got? Standard rules apply- no pocket sand, Tori!