I'm white. Can I shave my head?

I’m a straight white male about to start fall semester. I work 30 hours/week, going to be at school full time, president of my school’s powerlifting club, and being an editor on my school’s literary review journal. When I shave my head it’s one less thing to worry about, and makes transitions between school/the gym/my job much easier. I would normally do this without worrying, however on the podcast (I can’t remember the episode) where Austin and Patrick said something derisive about white guys with shaved heads, in regards to being in a corporate setting. Is shaving my head ok to do as a white person?

I understand the implication of neo-nazi skinheads, but also know that there are SHARPS (skinheads against racial prejudice), and lots of people in hardcore music that shave their heads.

My question is basically this: as a white guy, is it ok to shave my head? Or should I shy away from this hairstyle?

Just avoid shouting racial slurs, and I’m sure you’ll be fine. Maybe don’t go all the way to the scalp if you’re really worried?


I’d say go for it. Some people might look a little bit askance, but honestly most neo-Nazis these days go for the undercut look anyway. Plus like, there are enough actually-bald white dudes out there that they can’t totally co-opt that look. If you’re really worried about it, put some pins on your backpack that show your true politics, whatever they may be.


For quandaries such as this, I turn to the good book. Quoth Austin 3:16:

“I just kicked your ass!”


I think you’re good.


I’m white, I’ve shaved my head.

Thing is, being white, you’ll always have someone worried that you might be racist. That’s pretty normal when you consider hundreds of years of colonialism. Treat others around you fairly and do the best you can.


The fact that you’re seriously considering the implications of how others might view you with the shaved head speaks volumes about your character. I say go for it.


I mean, I’m going bald so I do it out of necessity. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

You’ll be fine (source I shave my head every once in a while). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skinheads_Against_Racial_Prejudice

Go for imo

I’m white and I’ve been shaving my head for about 9 years and to my knowledge nobody has ever thought I was a skinhead except for one extremely drunk dude in college who was well-known on campus to be a belligerent asshole. If you don’t act like a neo-nazi skinhead people probably won’t think you are one! So It’ll be fine just do it if you want to.

Personally I started shaving my head as a senior in high school because I started going bald when I was 17. Shaving my head was the biggest self-esteem boost teenage me ever had because it made me realize going bald so early didn’t actually doom me to looking like a middle aged dad or w/ever before I ever even entered college. And that was a big step in me becoming a far healthier person mentally and socially since it was the first time I ever looked in a mirror and actually thought I looked good. Plus as a nonbinary/agender person its a positive way to mitigate the dysphoric qualities of male pattern baldness that doesn’t involve trying to deal with wearing a wig.

I don’t know what Patrick and Austin said since I haven’t listened to that episode but honestly that kind of judgmental attitude is a bummer. A hairstyle should not be seen as some kind of indicator of personal moral character.


I think it’s pretty normal in this day to see a white man with a shaved head and worry they might be a Nazi.

It’s not being judgemental, it’s being safe.


There are always scenarios where being white and having a shaved head is going to lead people to make assumptions.

If you’re not a racist shitheel then you’re probably not going to give off that sort of vibe. As a general rule, one shaved white boy to another, be as non-threatening as possible. Walk around with a big dumb smile on your face. Trip over your giant fucken feet. Generally seem like a massive harmless idiot. It’s been working for me.

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There are plenty of white people with shaved heads. I really think y’all are being a bit silly. It’s your head, do what you want.


I’m a bald white man and sometimes it is clear that I’m seen as a threat and it does hurt so I understand your concern.
I can’t imagine how alienating it must be to walk around as a black man and be treated as a threat frequently.
To be honest, it doesn’t happen to me in a noticeable way very often, and I’m usually wearing a hat anyway to avoid burning my top. One thing you could consider is feminizing your look a bit so a different grouping of people see you as threatening.

The insensitive answer would be “you’re a white dude - you can do what you want”.

But to your point, anyone I’ve ever seen who was comfortable rocking swatskikas had plenty of hair; got to look stylish while you’re promoting your superiority, I guess.

It couldn’t hurt to practice cutting your own fade, or at least lining (if you go bald you’ll be shaving it back down all the time), but bald is fine man.

I shaved my head around a decade ago and people started telling me I look scary. So I let it grow back in.

But now I’m going bald! It’s still early yet, but the receding hairline is getting more difficult to ignore. I’ve sort of resigned that I’ll have to shave it off again unless I want a really unflattering look.

On the plus side I have a big bushy beard now, and I feel like somehow that balances things out. So maybe facial hair would help if you’re able to grow it?

As a white dude even I get a little uncomfortable around white folks who are totally clean shaven, head and all. It’s a bit unfair, but there are enough shitty white folks out there with a shaved head that someone sporting that style has to show they aren’t in with that group.

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