Images not appearing in Forum Articles?


Wondering if there’s an issue on my end or others. I’m really happy y’all have added the feature to read these articles on the forums! When I’m reading an article through the forum, images don’t appear, and instead just result in a big white space. Any idea why?


i think this is something the mods are aware of and are trying to fix, but are having to sort out with the software the forum uses, if i remember correctly? but definitely a +1 on both wanting to see images + appreciating that the articles are dually hosted on the forums now!

(sorry for not being able to provide a more concrete link to a mod post about this, too – i tried searching “images” in New Stories to see if i’d be able to find the discussion of this i’d seen previously, and instead the forum just gave me a bunch of posts about imagination, rip.)


The above is correct – there’s some issues with the autoparser picking images up. It particularly happens with videos and gifs to our knowledge, but if it’s happening to all images for you, it might be worth checking your extensions to see if something is flagging up a false positive.

(If anyone has some suggestions for how to solve this issue, do let us know and we can look into it!)


Thanks for the comments; some images are coming up again, just not videos and gifs. Wish I could help but I don’t do web design oops