Impeachment Hearings - US Politics

I think someone used the golden ticket from Last Action Hero on a Veep episode and Gordon Sondland fell out of screen.

There’s which is doing pretty good daily summaries of events


Even if they can’t prove quid pro quo, isn’t Trump asking for an investigation into a political opponent an abuse of power?

Well, firstly, they CAN prove quid pro quo. There are now like 5 witnesses who were listening to the call, or in proximity of the call. Including the Republican witnesses. That’s why Nunes is shitting his pants in that video. This happened. There is no question about it now.

The issue is now if Republicans want to go down that path of just ignoring it because of their control. Do Republicans just wanna admit that they are ok with a criminal in the white house. Which, honestly by their actions, they totally are.


Yes, I understand this, but isn’t asking for an investigation even enough to show he did something wrong?

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So it’s my understanding that technically, if he did have concerns about the Bidens, it is within his power ask for to an investigation to be done by US intelligence services/departments. The issue is that he asked (bribed) a foreign government to do so.


This whole process demonstrates that the position of the other branches of government are determined by the president. The idea of “checks and balances” is a nice idea, but it really doesn’t work in practice in the current system. This is not a problem unique to the US (speaking as a Canadian/US citizen), but it is definitely more apparent in the US.


Found this video interesting detailing the GOP’s attempt at defending this:

I’m surprised how much legal lingo comes from cartoons. There’s the sideshow bob defense from the Simpsons, the Chewbacca defense from South Park…

The Acme defense, dropping an anvil on the prosecutor.

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Devin Nunes is a criminal and a monumental boob.