Impeachment Hearings - US Politics

He voted guilty though, they both did.


I guess this makes me wonder if the U.S. should have referendums, like the UK has.


Well, we tried y’all.

Ngl I do not know what that is. But parliamentary > wtf we have for sure.

Direct vote on important issues.

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The goal wasn’t ever really to remove him. It wasn’t conceivable that there would be 67 votes.

The goal was to put it all on the record. What Trump did, how he tried to hide it and how our each Congressperson voted to hold his behavior accountable.

These not guilty votes will likely not age well.


A referendum is how they got Brexit… so not necessarily a good idea. Parliaments are just as prone to the partisan bullshit, coalitions can be utterly ineffectual more often than not.

Overall I just think government can’t deal with the modern world and the brand of capitalism that has taken root.


Yes, that’s the only legitimate reason to pursue an impeachment with this particular Senate. I think it was definitely worthwhile for that. Shame there weren’t witnesses called, but that too will be part of the record now.

My main complaint about the impeachment proceedings is that, like, of all the things to go after Trump on, it’s this? Not emoluments? But because he was trying to go after an Extremely Establishment Democrat? That makes it look petty and easy to dismiss.


Our elections are supposedly our greatest asset as a democracy. They should go after him for everything but this was by far the most dangerous thing he did.


Yeah I get it and agree, it just sucks to watch it actually happen.

From different takes I’ve seen about this, one of the main reasons they focused on the Ukraine situation was because it was so blatant, so simple to understand, seemingly unprecedented, and extremely serious (interfering with the presidential election). Journalists have been reporting on stuff like emoluments for a while now, and it seems abstract enough that it’s not really breaking through to the general public.

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I would argue that Citizens Panels (like Ireland does nowadays) are a better option. Think of them like Juries, selected by the same impartial sortion [unlike US juries], but empowered to sit for a longer period to discuss and recommend on a constitutional issue.




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This aged both poorly and really well at the same time. :smiley: :frowning: