Imperator: Rome

This game comes out this week, is there any excitement for it here on the Waypoint forums?

I’ve been watching a lot of preview videos leading up to launch and am excited to dig into it. It’ll be nice to get into a Paradox game from the beginning and not have to worry about a million DLCs (only other Paradox game I’ve been able to do that for is Stellaris).

A lot of the mechanics seem pretty cool. I like that they’ve somewhat brought in the character system from CK2, as I think it’ll make for a lot of interesting role play and things to deal with like secession crises and the potential for generals to rebel.

I also really like this time period because the focus isn’t exclusively on Rome, as all of Alexander’s successor empires are in play as well as other powers like Carthage. I can’t really decide who I want to play as first.

I’ve been watching Arumba’s current playthrough where he goes through the mechanics in order to have an idea of how to play before the came comes out:

As well as enjoying different playthroughs like those of Alex the Rambler:

And the dev clashes being put out by Paradox themselves, where devs play the game against each other:


Like I said in the other thread, I’ve not been following this game at all, but I’m always curious about them. I’m definitely interested into digging into it, particularly following some early campaigns.

I feel like Paradox games tend to hit a ‘sweet point’ (where there’s not too many DLCs but there’s been time to work through early kinks), so I’m unlikely to dive in now, but I’m always curious about their output.

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I’m looking forward to it! As much as I love the ideas of Victoria 2 and CK2 the most of any Paradox games, playing them can be a bit of a fiddly hassle compared to EU4/Stellaris/HoI4 so I’m happy to see a game that takes some of the internal politics of CK2 and putting it into a slightly more streamlined package.

I do think there’s a bit of a risk of it feeling like an unfocused pile of mechanics, and I’m always simultaneously fascinated and critical of the specific assumptions these games tend to make about the historical periods they’re about, but I’ll probably be playing it day 1 regardless.

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I’ve got it on pre-order. Mostly looking forwards to the internal politics aspect and the fact that most of the nations start off very small due to the period of history it’s in.

I’m pumped for it. I audibly cheered when I saw the RPS recommended badge on their review.

I’m gonna ask a bunch of questions:

Can I incorporate women into the Roman Republic Senate?

Can I have Augustus surrender Rome back to the Republic?

Can I play a Gaul tribal leader and stop Caesar’s genocide?

Can I make Cleopatra Emperor of Rome?

Can I abolish slavery in Rome?

Can I make Nero fucking normal?

Can I make Caligula not as horny?

Can I apologize to Boudica?

Can I give Augustus back his legions?


(For most of those nos, the reason is that the timeline of the game starts 10 years after the death of Alexander and history will deviate immediately, so historical figures from centuries later won’t even exist as they did in real life)



I imagine they’ll drop DLC with later starting periods.

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I feel like that’ll probably just be tackled with mods.

In general the start date seems put to let it be when Rome explodes so you can form your own version of the empire.

Also my first game ended quite quickly when my attempt to unite all of Albion was ended by a duo of tribes that disapproved of me.

Trying to push Rome further now. Man power is definitely the quickest ‘no, just stop what you’re doing’ limit on endless war.

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I spent the last few days getting hyped about all the interesting different choices to play and not being able to decide who I wanted to play as first…but then when I got it this morning I picked the most boring option and started a game as Rome.

Still very much in the learning phase as I make my way towards uniting the Italian peninsula, but I’m having a great time so far. Very glad I watched some videos that helped explain the mechanics before diving in, because I think I’d be lost otherwise. The UI is not always great even for someone who has played other Paradox games.

I really like the focus on combat and how much you can customize your armies. Each unit type has pros and cons and there doesn’t seem to be a clear way to go as far as optimal army composition goes (though I have been following Arumba’s advice and making a lot of light cavalry). The heavy infantry that Rome is able to field from the start is devastating to other Italian nations who seem to mostly have light infantry, but the heavies are quite slow and take a lot of attrition due to their weight. Still trying to figure out the good unit types for sieges.

Other than the combat, what has been really making the game for me so far is the character system lifted from CK2. It’s not as in-depth here as it is in that game, but it still goes a long way towards giving character to the pieces of your realm. This has always been my problem with trying to get into a game like EUIV, where it just all feels so impersonal compared to CK2, and Imperator does a great job at splitting the difference between the two.

I just love that feeling when a certain character is constantly being a thorn in your side and eventually you’re just like “man, fuck this guy”. Making sure the characters and families in your realm are happy but not too powerful is a fun part of management, and I love how that extends to your generals and armies. The trade-off of troops loyal to their generals being more efficient in combat but also willing to turn on the state and side with the general if he revolts is a really engaging mechanic that I think fits well with the time period.

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Very sad to find that Paradox games have finally exceeded the graphical capabilities of my laptop. HOI4 was just on the edge, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. At least there’s still hundreds of different things I’ve never done in CKII and EU4, but I like this ancient stuff a lot and was ready to buy this one pretty much from the moment I first heard about it. Oh well.

I’ve been messing around with a lot of smaller countries and other than manpower the other thing to stop endless expansion is that I get surrounded by a defensive coalition. It’s annoying, but I’m interested to see how I can get around it or how quickly those alliances break down.