Important Naruto Update

Naruto is cool again?!
I have 3 much younger siblings who are in middle school and when I got home yesterday they asked me “have you seen Naruto”?

After responding in the affirmative and asking why they informed me that “Everyone at school” is watching it and asked me if I knew any hand signs.

So, we’ve reached the point where the youth are watching Naruto for the first time again. Grab those headbands if you also have middle school kids you wanna seem cool for. Streaming is amazing.

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he’s always been cool


That’s real good to hear. I was assuming kids would just start with Boruto and the meme of Naruto just becoming “Boruto’s Dad” to them would actually happen.

his run? Slick
his hair? Killer
his friends? Always there for him


Looking forward to them making AMVs with Rock Lee vs Gaara footage


Honestly the most raw hype I’ve had watching a thing

Believe it!

I’ve literally only ever seen like three episodes of Naruto so I have no idea if this is a relevant thing to say.

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From what I understand in the English sun they threw in believe it! To fill in when the Japanese and English didnt match up right but I’m not sure because I’m a subs guy and also just switched to the manga like halfway through because the filler got ROUGH

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i think “believe it!” was meant to be a replacement for naruto frequently ending sentences with “dattebayo” in the japanese ver. as far as i know (i’m no japanese expert, this is just what i have heard from others) dattebayo is a word that doesn’t actually mean anything but is intended as a sort of rude and childish way to emphasize what he’s saying, so it kind of makes sense that the eng dub would have replaced it with “believe it!”

altho someone using a catchphrase THAT frequently isn’t something that often happens in english so it ends up sounding kind of bizarre

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Okay but are the kids who think they’re too cool for Naruto gonna start watching Bleach


Damn you’re just gonna drag high school me in public like this?

This is purely a self-own, if I take anyone else down with me that’s pure accident


@TrapRegent @Lamprey

I appreciate both of you taking the time to explain it.

Realistically I just couldn’t resist the low hanging fruit and kind of realized it might not play with anyone who actually cares about Naruto.

Here’s a weird thing: iirc, by the time it got to Shippuden, the English dub had moved to using “you know” as a verbal tic for Naruto, but I only know two places where this has any significance:

  • when Naruto raps with Killer B, the Japanese dub has Naruto rhyming with “dattebayo”, and the English dub with “you know, you know”
  • in flashbacks, Kushina (Naruto’s mom) is characterized like Naruto, and in Japanese has the tic “dattebane”, and in English “you know”

No one asked for this much detail, but every now and then I think about that one time Naruto rapped and ended his verse with “you know, you know” and just can’t deal

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sdkfjlsfjslk thanks for this new beautiful knowledge

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I watched both and can safely say Bleach was better and Bleach was a fucking trainwreck

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Bleach is my favorite shonen manga. The last section that never got turned into an anime is GORGEOUS. You can tell that the author was able to do some wild stuff once he didnt have to worry about how it would animate

That was never on Kubo’s mind. He just did what he wanted to do, but he had a bad habit of introducing new characters when he didn’t know how to move the story, which resulted in the arrancar arc lasting so long that I’m not even sure saying it lasted a decade would be exaggeration or not (that and splash page abuse to pad).

Kubo’s big mistake was going further in the supernatural lore and getting the characters away from the human world, because the hollow world ended up being far less interesting and we were there waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long.

And this is STILL better than Naruto, because Kishimoto is just got awful at writing and developing villains in Hurricane Chronicles. Both Kishimoto and Kubo also have issues writing female characters, but Kishimoto was definitely worse for how often motivations defaulted to wanting to date a guy or every other woman introduced either being eye-candy only or constantly shrill for cheap laughs.

Bleach had a really interesting plot, but it went on for so long that people just forgot a plot even existed, while Naruto’s was so rock stupid and devoid of worthwhile main characters (man Naruto’s classmates just got nothing to do huh) that it constantly infuriated.

The deciding factor for me is that I think it’s totally possible to do a DBZ Kai paced style adaptation of Bleach, shaving off the fat and leaving the good bits. It had pacing issues. But Naruto’s problems were more at the core, so you need to do significant rewrites to make it work.

Oh, also worth pointing out that Bleach’s early cancellation sucked (it’s why the ending was so sudden) but it happened because a new WSJ editor wanted to push the magazine in a new direction, which is resulting in a lot of new manga today in the magazine that isn’t traditional battle manga (there’s even a psychological drama about acting and a post-apocalypse story about rebuilding society with science to defeat what is basically the anime version of ceaser’s legion, to name a few).

As someone who skipped Naruto completely is it worth watching?

I’ve actually heard that the Ultimate Ninja Storm games are a good way to experience the story without the filler.