Important Zelda Post

I am getting the Zelda tomorrow. I have waited a full three years since the launch of Nintendo Switch in Mars this year. Please everyone be excited for me. I have done a lot of discrete maths and I earned this. Thank you.

Now please tell me how you felt from the moment of purchase to seeing the title screen. What was the time between knowing you were going to have a Zelda and having a Zelda like?
I want to hear yr emotional journey and to be prepared.

Also any dog facts for in-game??

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It’s hard to quantify the feeling, and it had been so long since I had felt hyped for a game like I did Breath of the Wild, but man, it’s one of those games where solidifying your understanding of “What This Thing Is” ends up being part of what makes it so memorable. I think it’s in line with Splatoon for being a Nintendo game where you have to play it to really even begin to codify the possibility space, and it’s hard to achieve that these days since so many games are iterating on established ideas. tbqh it makes BotW and Splatoon that much more impressive because they’re doing just that… like, they’re open world and shooter games. That’s a simplification but the point is they reminded me of how much creativity those gameplay genres could still hold.


My journey actually getting hold of Zelda was a bit of a nightmare, I had accidentally ordered the WiiU version and without a WiiU I was stuck with a Switch and no games to play on it. I went to my local shops (Wood Green for those who know north London) to find it sold out everywhere. A frantic search online found 1 in stock at Argos in Enfield about 4 miles away. I reserved it and jumped quickly onto a bus hoping all the way that it wasn’t a stock system error and they would have it when i arrived. I got took a number Argos and waited for my item to arrive at the counter, nervously sweating the whole time (what was wrong with me i’m 37 years old for gods sake). Luckily it wasn’t long before my number was called and I was holding this tiny case with a tiny game card inside.

I spent the bus journey home trying to distract myself with an episode of Waypoint Radio and regretting the death of instruction booklets.

The game itself blew my mind, completly reinventing the open world format and at the same time giving me the same feeling I got when playing the first Zelda when I was 11 years old on my NES. Enjoy you’ve got quite an experience to come.

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The Legend of Zelda is the only video game franchise I feel like I still care about – I have played every Nintendo console title in the series since the NES original. Link to the Past, the N64 games, the Gamecube games… have greatly enjoyed the franchise.

I never bought a Wii U, because my purchase was contingent on a new, original Zelda game coming out for the system. Never happened.

Skyward Sword was literally the last video game I bought on opening weekend. I don’t really buy video games anymore.

So for a fan of the series who’d been laying dormant for a while, in a way… I was 100% hyped. I preordered ASAP. I avoided spoilers as much as I could, but seeing all the review scores come in so overwhelmingly positive was incredible, especially since I thought people would be a bit more divided, seeing as how it was such a departure for the series.

I had elected for store pick-up. I drove to Best Buy after getting off work. I talked to two different employees about the excitement for the game. I had my Switch and the game in the passenger’s seat.

Even thought it was only about 40 degrees outside and I was wearing a jacket… I had the AC on, and I was sweating as I drove, purely from all the adrenaline and excitement coursing through my body.

Turning on the title screen felt cathartic. It had been so long.

The best way I can summarize it is this: As a married man, with kids, with a full-time job, I’m not much of a ‘gamer’ anymore. But for this game, for Zelda, I was willing to fully engross myself again, to stay up irresponsibly late and pour in a lot of hours.

In many ways, playing Breath of the Wild has felt like my inner child’s last stand.


This is beautiful and heroic to me??

Wow this is perfect! Heck yes!!
I haven’t played a Zelda for real since Wind Waker on GameCube when I was a teen. I didn’t know I still had this tender Zelda feeling but I am consumed with longing tbh.

When I was waiting for ocarina of time to come out I dreamt vividly about riding Epona at least once a week.

It is with a heavy heart I must announce that it will be two (2) more days until I “breathe the wild”. I am still very excited and am buoyed by yr support in this dire h.

First off. I am very happy for you. Secondly I was excited for Zelda just as much as for the reason I’d have an excuse to play my WiiU again (it helped make the purchase feel more worth it buying it there than the Switch, which while I’m excited about wanted to wait for gaming and financial reasons). It was actually pretty tough because I kept going back and forth between buying it on day one and then just deciding on the WiiU version because why sweat the small stuff. The whole will I won’t I internal conflict kind of made it a really exciting decision. All the more exciting because based on what I’ve heard this was new territory for Nintendo let alone Zelda. It really didn’t feel like I was buying the next brand new Zelda game (the last of which was Twilight Princess which I still hold as a very well made gaming experience all the way through) but rather like I was buying the next new gaming experience “brought to you by Nintendo” and just happened to have “Zelda” on the front. It was breathtaking, a bit shaky at first but once you hit you hit the first dungeon and you’re starting to feel more powerful and used to the game play loops of exploration, quest, and combat I only lost myself further. Still need to finish it though. I’m the kind of completionist who’s “a completionist until they get bored” and that hasn’t happened yet after ??? hours. Maybe all the shrines and armor but fuck those korok seeds…

Oh also there are good dogs. Give good dogs food. There’s a severe lack on context sensitive “belly rub” prompts.

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The days leasing up to release day I was honestly really worried, to the point of being sort of scared of it coming out.

I pre-ordered Switch + BoTW the moment I could. Each one seemed like exactly what I needed to re-capture the wonder of first playing Zelda, Mario, etc. on the N64.

As the day came I thought there was no way it would live up, that I’d be crushed, never to re-capture that awe, and have another system that just isn’t interesting to me any more, collecting dust.

I had the my holy s*** moment after about five minutes of starting the game, essentially as soon as stepped out into the light. The wonder, and awe, and freedom of this beautiful world blew me away from the get-go, and hasn’t let up.

Even as soon as I took the Switch out of the box I got excited again. Something about the counsel just evoked pure and child-like excitement.

Dang, I’d take that launch day all over again if I could.


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what kind of food do the dogs like??

tell me about cardinality op

honestly i was like “hey zelda is cool i’ll buy that in march” and didn’t really think about it until the reviews were like unanimously perfect and I went “Hm.” and was cautious about being hyped. i ended up disagreeing with the reviews a bit - i think the game is flawed, but its fresh look on open worlds was revelatory and it’s one of my favorite games ever.

Anything really.

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Cardinality is a stat in the dating sim Doki Doki Vatican (2003), if the stat is high enough you can get the pontifex election ending (yeah, its spicy).

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I get this! I think apparently a lot of other people had this trepidation too. I guess that is kinda just what adult excitement is like?
But also, so many people seem to have had the same stunning and wild moment when actually Zelda is real, strong, and your friend.
I think that rules!

dogs theyre not picky and i respect that, garbage’s is food too.

I’ve disliked all previous Zelda games and have never beaten one. This was the first Zelda I ever bought on release date. I was cautiously optimistic and waiting for the install on the Wii U sucked. That was my feeling leading up to playing.

My feeling after; I have forever been changed…

man your discrete math experience was way cooler than mine

how come u have such a troubled Zelda-past?

i am not that good at it! i took all discrete maths this semester to work on my fundamentals. its been … ok.