Impossible Choice


Ok so… If you absolutely had to… would you rather[poll type=regular public=true]

  • Watch the 5 absolute worst Family Guy episodes? Like… the really bad ones
  • Watch the same Cleveland Show episode 5 times


order some cool shoes


share a pizza with friends


the pizza arives at your door. you open the box. boom. surprise. Its a dvd with 5 really bad episodes of family guy and 5 of the same episode of the cleveland show. you look around you. your friends have disappeared. you are now in a blank void. you only see seth macfarlane. welcome to purgatory.


Okay but we’re missing the obvious worst scenario which is having to watch any given American Dad episode once.


I respect your opinion but there is no universe in which American Dad is the worst of those shows. ITS NOT A GOOD SHOW MIND YOU. Its just the least awful. I honestly only hate it less than the other two because I actually really like the My Morning Jacket episode Im sorry.


Ranking Mr. MacFarlane’s creations is an unenviable task.


Nobody asked to exist at the same time as these shows, but we have to deal with it somehow.


I think if the 5 worst Family Guy episodes are what would be the 5 worst to the person voting i’d definitely take the Cleveland Show episode over that. I watched the first 2 seasons years ago and i’ve heard all kinds of shit about Family Guy’s worst episodes.

Even if that Cleveland Show episode was by far the worst of them all , after a few watches i would probably become numb to it.


But keep in mind that the cleveland show got cancelled, which means even the people who like family guy were like “nah man”


That just strikes me as lack of interest on the part of MacFarlane fans.

My definition of worst in this scenario is a combination of being: obnoxious , offensive , and painfully unfunny.

I’d rather watch 1 terrible thing 5 times than suffer 5 uniquely terrible things.


It’s weird that the thread title is “impossible choice” but all I see is the same option written twice?


this question really grinds my gears


this is like choosing between sipping five different varieties of curdled milk or taking a long pull from just one.


Im loving how completely split this is


The first option is basically just a B-tier podcast premise.


Every podcast premise is b-tier until you add 1 Forbes 30 under 30 media luminary Griffin McElroy



is there an Experiments in Displeasure forum cause i think this belongs there


hashtag paytheboyz

Also I guarantee part of the reason the Cleveland Show tanked was that you can’t get that many MacFarland fans to watch a show about black people.