Improvised Postmortem PAX West 2017 Panel with Danielle Riendeau


Improvised Postmortem PAX West 2017 Panel

From the panel description,

Video game postmortems can be informative, but what would happen if the games didn’t actually exist? Pat Baer has invited his friends to improvise five-minute postmortems based on fake video game titles. Why was Attack of the Kitchen Ghost such a success? Why did Taco Teen fail in the European market? You’ll have to come to The Improvised Postmortem to find out!

Pat Baer [Performer, UCB Theatre], Kris Straub [Creator, Chainsawsuit], Danielle Riendeau [Managing Editor, Waypoint], Jeff Gerstmann [Founder, Giant Bomb], Dave Lang [C3PO, Iron Galaxy], Kate Welch [Designer, Amazon Game Studios]

Twitch link at 10:59:18

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“Oh big surprise Austin Walker knew what it was” :joy:


Man, I think my favorite joke of that whole thing was Aaron Trites’ “We recruited exclusively from our fan community, which backfired when we only allocated a day to implement online multiplayer.”