In Appreciation of the Han Solo Dance from ‘Star Wars Kinect’

In our sad, dark reality, it can be important sometimes to stop, take a deep breath, and appreciate the wonderful absurdities around us. One of my personal favorites in this genre is the very best dance sequence from Star Wars Kinect, not a great game by many standards. But my oh my, does it have a great song.

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The Han Solo dance is the most canon thing in all of star wars and i will not hear otherwise.

(can you believe people actually got like , extremely angry over this dancing mini game with star wars themed songs lmao)

this is like one of my favorite star wars things ever thank you so much for writing about it danielle.


Kinect Star Wars is not perfect, but man the podracing and dancing portions are amazing.

So dumb but so good. That whole game is so thin and control are awful but it sure is dun to watch.

I’m kind of sad it’s permanently attached in my mind to JonTron.
It’s still an amazing thing, best Star Wars thing in a long time.

That ok since it was a good bit. It not like it relates to his more negative views.

I love all of the cheesy songs in this game. The storm trooper/boba fett one thats a parody of bulletproof is incredible


I don’t want to live in a world where “Empire Today” isn’t canon.

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Can I nominate these videos as my moment of the year?

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i thought it was hilariously bad at first and now i love it. jamming to it right now.

I fuckin love Dance Central and I fucking love this song,