In Defense of Wyatt (Wolfenstein The New Order)


It’s a simple defense really. I’ve seen the point made that the game almost wants or expects you to choose Fergus and I tend to agree. That said, if you choose to save Wyatt, Wyatt himself tells you that you chose wrong and you should have saved Fergus. This more than interesting enough for me to prefer Wyatt, not to mention this puts J in your base as well.

Just a thought that’s been bouncing around my head the past couple years.


Fergus also tells you that you chose wrong, and you should have chosen Wyatt.


I know, but my point is the game itself gives you an advantage with Fergus. This makes Wyatt’s belief that you chose wrong have a merit and backing in gameplay that breaks the fourth wall (once you have that knowledge) and makes it more interesting to me.


I feel like Wyatt is actually the preferred option around here, at least among folks in the forums. It’s like it’s Wyattpoint.


It surprised the heck out of me when WP 101 boiled down to everyone picking Fergus. I thought pretty logically about it at the time - this young fighter with so much potential was the better option to (another) tired old vet, who insisted on you picking the young one. I got the feeling Fergus really wanted you to pick Wyatt. He was tired of fighting.


That was my thought process, too. I definitely spent less time picking between Wyatt and Fergus than trying to avoid dealing with Bessie in New Collosus.

There’s a similar choice in Divinity: Original Sin where you have one healing stone and two patients. An old retiree with kids and grandkids, and a young man with no attachments who is one of the only merchants still willing to brave the newly orc-infested territory.

I thought the choice was obvious, but unfortunately my AI companion disagreed and I lost the roshambo mini-game. We ended up saving gramps. Everybody seemed pretty happy about it, at least.


Gameplay-wise there is no major difference between picking Wyatt or Fergus. Fergus is an angry Scot full of piss and vinegar who demands you to save him. But he won’t hold it against you if you let him die. In fact, he probably prefers it.

Take your choice. Both timelines are amusing, although Wyatt’s is more amusing in TNO. Gameplay-wise, not much really matters. Fergus probably is the more chosen route. He’s a more lovable asshole than BJ if that’s what you want.


I chose Wyatt because I felt like he had more of a chance to do something with his life. He was young. There were more years ahead of than behind him.

I mean, it didn’t work out that way, but my reasoning was sound.


I’d argue since Fergus gives you a health upgrade, Wyatt a tiny amount extra on armor pickups. 0 armor isn’t death while obviously 0 health is. If you assume a steady increase in difficulty, more health puts you ahead of the curve you’d be on otherwise. Just my thought.


We all went though some mental calculus to justify our choice, I’m talking about pulling back with the knowledge of both timelines and deciding which character is right to feel as they don’t deserve to be there. If only as an interesting thought experiment.


If you choose Fergus with the goal of letting the old vet “rest” you’re actually doing the worst thing possible.
10 years of agony as a conscious with no sensory input apart from occasionally getting tested as an intellectually enslaved killdroid.

I’m not saying Wyatt has it coming, but that justification isn’t great knowing the ending.


That’s a very good point, although I’m not sure how much of a difference it really makes. FWIW, I usually do choose armor upgrades over health, but there’s not much strategy behind that decision at all. I just feel like armor is harder to come by than health.


Ah, I didn’t realize that. I haven’t played the Wyatt path, and assumed you got a similar/parallel benefit for choosing him.


Character benefits aside, I had a soft spot for Probst Wyatt. I connected with being the young guy taking over for the old dogs in my workplace. (I work in the US Air Force) You doubt yourself, wonder what the people with more experience would have done, and never feel like you are performing as well as the people who came before you. Granted, my work rarely is life threating but I know the anxiety with carrying the torch from one generation to the next.


I chose Fergus simply because he was cooler. What informed decision can you make about choosing the life of someone ? If I had to think in terms of “he represents the future and the other guy the past” I would still be stuck at the choice today lol.

Had to break it and go the way of the most entertaining character


Right, arduous mental calculus. It wasn’t at all because of my own deep instincts causing me to always select more of Gideon Emery’s sexy sexy voice. Nope, definitely used my brain on this one.


If memory serves I picked Fergus in TNO. Was an entirely pointless “well, he’d theoretically give the rest of us the best odds of getting out of here,” even though that’s not actually a problem you have to overcome as the protagonist in a video game narrative.

I ended up getting TNC a couple of weeks after release and by that point I’d had enough people tell me to pick Wyatt instead this time.

They were right.


Went with Wyatt in both. BJ helping Wyatt through his really bad drug trips near the end was very similar to my own experience of looking after a friend 8-9 years ago when he accidentally smoked weed that was cut with something nasty. It was a genuine moment and he gets a really great scene at the ending.

He reminds me a lot of Ben from season 1 of Telltale’s Walking Dead where most people get too annoyed with his timid personality early on that they don’t get to see his redemptive moments later on.


The first play-through I saved Wyatt for the reasons others have stated: young guy with a life ahead of him, Fergus being more at peace with it and accepting that war means you can die. That was a pragmatic choice. The second time I picked Fergus for more emotional reasons; I do think he’s a more interesting, more rounded out character. Although with his storyline you miss out on a very good secondary character in the hideout :thinking:


I’m still floored by the ease with which people say they chose Fergus. Fergus was CLEARLY the more willing candidate for sacrifice and felt like such an obvious choice for me at the time - if for no other reason than it would be more within Fergus’s character to sacrifice himself to save Wyatt than not.