In 'Flight Simulator' the Plane Flies Itself, Until It Doesn't

Having spent a lot of time on planes, I like to think I’ve gained a basic understanding of the principles of flight. I once saw that diagram of air molecules going over a wing to create an upwards pointing arrow labelled “lift” and thought, hmm, yes, that makes intuitive sense to me. I watched the flaps extending before take off and, without ever feeling the need to do any further research into the topic, decided those bits of the wing are also important for keeping the plane going up. I also reckon, gun to my head, I could point out an aileron.

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This piece is incredible and everyone should read it.


I’m not sure why I clicked on this article, because I’m not that interested in Flight Simulator.

But this is one of the best things I’ve read all year. An absolute joy from beginning to end.

Steve is always a joy, and glad to see some of his writing here, at least until he gets his next permanent position.