In Just Over Five Months, ‘PUBG’ Has Sold 10 Million Copies


The year’s biggest game was the one that no one saw coming.

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I have not played it (because my computer is ass), but I’ve watched a bunch of streams of it being played. Even from this outside perspective, there is still something fascinating about the game. Such a simple idea executed very well.


That is not a small number of copies for a game that’s not even reached consoles (widely thought to be where most games go broad and get to those really impressive sales numbers).

Certainly good news for the thriving PC ecosystem with a quite demanding game on Unreal Engine 4 finding that many people who have an interest in this sort of multiplayer shooter and the machine to play it on.


And they deserve every bit of it.

Now, bring on the Battlegrounds-esque modes in every shooter, for my amusement.


i read a couple days ago that they finally got the framework for multiplayer in OpenMW (a morrowind reimplementation) working and that someone already did a rudimentary Battlegrounds game mode happening in that. i’m so ready for an oversaturation of this type of gamemode in the coming years because there’s bound to be something fun in there. i hope someone comes up with a way to make this style more arcadey in a fun way.


GTA online recently got one, can’t say it was worth reinstalling for.


I just hope they keep up with the regular updates. Really helped sell the game for me that the developers could continue offering new things and tweaking the problems.

Also, still crazy to me that it took so long for someone to even make something like this. It seems like such an obvious idea in hindsight.


Steamspy just tweeted a graph of playtime on steam and seeing the PUBG spike is really something

Just a note, the graph is comparing PUBG to other non-valve games. So CS:GO and Dota 2 aren’t on there.


Does anyone know if the Xbox One version will be one of those “Play Anywhere” titles? Has that been talked about?


Not as far as I’m aware; I would take a guess that if it were Play Anywhere, it probably wouldn’t work with the Steam copy of the game (but I’m not too familiar with PA, honestly speaking).

Outside of that, PUBG’s meteoric ascent in sales over the last month or two has really caught me by surprise. As someone fading away from PUBG, its continuing growth is really surprising to me. Good on them, though!


Team Fortress 2’s BATTLEGROUNDS


What’s more impressive than 10 million copies in 5 months is the fact that the last 2 million were just over two weeks.


The sub-header I think is pretty wrong and a bit click-baity. This is something that has been coming for a while, Battle Royale modes have been very popular in about a dozen games, notably The Culling, H1Z1, DayZ, Arma itself, and Ark, before this. One of these games finally clicking was fairly inevitable once a decent dev team got behind it and focused on it, it was never a question that it would happen, it was just a question which one would succeed at the task. PUBG being cheaper, more limited in scope, and not trying to reinvent anything and only polishing up previous ideas instead, is the big catalyst.

(It’s also good to look at revenue as well for this. PUBG sold at either 1/2 or 1/3 the price point of a $60 release for most of that timeline. This puts it about on par with well-selling games like BotW, which also necessitated a console purchase in order to play it.)