In 'PUBG' You're a Super Soldier. In 'Fortnite,' You're a Super Engineer


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Fortnite turns us all into Elon Musk

[Screams externally]


Elon Musk is your go-to for “super engineer”?


@Spencer As a licensed Professional Engineer, I took more than a little offense to that pampered Tony Stark-wannabe being put in my company. I normally try to quell any “ugh, humanities majors” thoughts, but this made it a little harder than usual. :slight_smile:

Aside from that, I did appreciate the write-up Cameron. For all the flack that the building gets in Fortnite, it really is the special sauce that makes the whole thing work. Being able to constantly change your positioning and wreck your opponent’s cover is at the heart of the game. Honestly, when it first debuted I was not expecting the reception it got simply because I thought that the gameplay would be too complicated for most. Even after putting dozens of hours into the game I sometimes get overwhelmed with it, but then I try PUBG or H1Z1 and they feel too simple by comparison.


I didn’t think the piece was invoking his name to be charitable to the man, if anything I saw it as knowing dig at his self perception as a “super engineer”, in the same way the piece pointed to Duhamel’s character in the Michael Bay Transformers movies as a “super soldier”. Musk’s persona as a “super engineer” is that of a power fantasy in a hollywood movie, a fallacy with a lot of money behind it. Though I can sympathise with simply not wanting him near the word “engineer”. I wouldn’t want his name near my profession either.

Regardless, I did like the piece a lot. I’m forever hopeful we’ll one day see a game in the battle royale genre that deviates from the norm that the likes of PUBG & Fornite have established, and perhaps even hearkens back to the source material in a way that those games aren’t interested in.


I tried to pick as cartoonish of a movie soldier as I could to signal how cartoonish of a figure Elon Musk is, but maybe I should have gone further.