In Search for Any Excuse But Guns, Trump to Meet With Video Game Industry


President Trump is scheduled to meet with “members of the video game industry” next week, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced today. There were no details about the meeting, such as who might be in attendance, but it will focus on “what they [the industry]” can do about America’s gun violence problem.

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So here’s how this is going to play out: We get a splashy meeting with the heads of EA, Activision, and the like. Trump says something profoundly stupid (i.e. I can’t believe so many people die in Overwatch! 30 million died just yesterday!), it gets mocked by white guys on late night TV, and then Trump continues his diarrhea of a presidency. And somehow in the face of this incredible incompetence the Democrats don’t flip either chamber in the fall, because 'Murica.


We could kill this in 30 minutes if someone told Trump that Hillary has previously spoken in opposition to the violent video games.


I don’t really see this amounting to anything other than political theater. It’ll be “I talked to EA/Activision/whatever and they’re Working On It!”, as yet another attempt to deflect national attention away from the ongoing conversation about gun control. It’s this or further tank his ratings by doing what he clearly wants to do in trying to scream the outspoken Parkland survivors out of existence.

We’re going to see the usual rerun of 90s gamer paranoia and it’ll be just as embarrassing as it ever was, ignore it and focus on voting in your state for every midterm election that you can.


Video games already went to the supreme courts and got their 1st Amendments rights. This is just a waste of time as Trump can’t really do anything to video games at this point.


“Conversation with Mr. Kojima went great. A man who UNDERSTANDS politics. Guns too. Productive Day!”


i fuckin hate this crap


I find it increasingly hard to respond with any form of serious criticism in the face of absolute drivel oozing from the white house.


Tired: meeting with industry executives to criticize the role of shooters in disseminating US imperialist propaganda
Wired: meeting with industry executives to regulate virtual guns instead of real ones


Licensing real guns for video games is one of the worst things in the industry.


Agree, this is an definitely an attempt to Do Something and Take This Issue Seriously, but I honestly don’t think the paranoia will spring back up, at least not like it did in the 90s. You can only go to that well so many times and, more importantly, a 40 year old parent today was an actual 15-year-old back when Joe Lieberman was breathlessly warning about teens Mortal Kombating each other on the playground. It’s hard to fear monger when the very people you’re trying to scare have lots of benign experience with the thing you’re trying to scare them about.


Yeah, somehow…


Remember the days when the idea of the President of the US being intelligent enough to mastermind a Metal Gear Solid-esque conspiracy was like… almost theoretically believable?


I mean, wasn’t the big selling point of this presidency to install a solidly conservative SCOTUS that would reverse previous rulings? Are video game protections really that off limits to a court has its sights set on a rollback or defanging of Roe v Wade?


I just yelled at Patrick on Twitter “What year is it?” because I can’t believe that this is happening. Where’s Jack Thompson when you don’t need him?


I swear I went to sleep last night reading about how he was considering actual common sense gun reform policies. Did I like miss something?

I’m secretly hoping if/when this meeting happens, the video game industry representatives show off really cute and tame games and are just like “Sorry, we’re not quite sure what you’re talking about…”


Where’s Joseph Lieberman and Tipper Gore so we can make sure they’re far away from this?


i cannot believe that i, beloved forums user hideokojima, am so frequently assaulted with posts on this website


It’s been a disguisting sort of pleasure seeing The Gamers implode over this. They’re torn between “I TRUSTED TRUMP TO AT LEAST GET THIS RIGHT!!!” and “this is all Anita Sarkeesian’s fault, somehow”


This stops being funny when you remember they did this for net neutrality too and somehow did a bunch of mental backflips to blame it on anyone else but the responsible parties and this is why this country is basically hell